Varun Dhawan Sweats It Out while Kajol shares her Resolutions on TikTok  

Look who is TikTok’ing! Some of Bollywood’s most loved actors- Varun DhawanKajol Devgan and Anupam Kher are now a part of the fun community on TikTok, the world’s leading destination for short-form mobile videos. All the actors have received a warm welcome by their fans and are actively engaging with the creator community on the platform.

The versatile actor, Varun Dhawan has been connecting with his fans by posting fun and quirky videos on the platform. The heart-throb has given his viewers a sneak peak into his gym routine, shared some inspiring messages and also rapped in one of his videos!

Anupam Kher’s first TikTok video, where he announces that he has joined the platform, amassed close to 32 million views. Anupam Kher brings a dosage of fun, quirky and motivational videos and has even given his viewers a sneak peak of his gym routine on TikTok!

Kajol Devgan has shared her New Year Resolution and has also got Ajay Devgan in the video to share his resolution with the user community on TikTok.

All the three actors in their introduction videos expressed their excitement to join and engage with the TikTok community.

Varun DhawanAnupam Kher and Kajol joins the list of popular celebrities such as Deepika PadukoneShilpa Shetty KundraMadhuri Dixit NeneRiteish DeshkmukhSidharth MalhotraJacqueline FernandezChris GayleJustin BieberWill SmithDJ Bravo and DJ Snake, who have joined TikTok to engage and connect with their fans.

TikTok is the world’s most popular destination for creating and sharing short-form mobile videos. TikTok’s mission to inspire creativity and spread joy, directly from the handheld device, by enabling everyone to be a creator.



Celebrating TikTok’s Diverse Content & Creative Community

TikTok, world’s leading short-video creation platform released the Top 50 content and video trends as part of #TikTokRewind2019 campaign, that made the TikTok India community click, like, share and create in 2019. The ten day long campaign honours and applauds the timeless TikTok moments’, featuring the top 5 across 10 different categories of this year.

The 2019 TikTok trends includes the top 5 creators, viral videos, occasions, celebrities, challenges, content categories, tracks, campaign, music artists and breakout creators that stood out in engaging the community in 2019, bringing TikTok into the mainstream of India’s thriving creative economy.

TikTok emerged as one of the leading platforms in the country where millions of people participated in endless entertainment, quirky, educative and joyful moments that broke the norms of expression and creativity through exciting videos. The diverse and incredible content in the form of these short-videos was born on TikTok and are now immortalized in the 2019 TikTok hall of fame.

Here’s what Tick’ed on TikTok in 2019: 

  • Top 5 Creators

Creators are the soul of TikTok! While everyone had something unique to share, some of them have struck a chord with the community with their lively and engaging content, created in their own distinctive style. Their imagination and creativity in content across entertainment, humour, education and motivation makes TikTok a preferred platform for creative expression. Using TikTok’s editing features and creative tools, these  creators have emerged as the top 5 in 2019.

  1. @awezdarbar– Awez Darbar   (Followers: 20.0 Million)
  2. @gima_ashi– Garima Chaurasia   (Followers: 17.2 Million)
  3. @awalcreations– Awal Ts Madaan  (Followers: 6.7 Million)
  4. @theofficialgeet– Sangeeta Jain  (Followers: 5.4 Million)
  5. @surgeryonline– Dr. Animesh MS  (Followers: 3.2 Million)
  • Top 5 Videos

In 2019, TikTok featured millions of videos created by users that were so epic that they immediately graduated to viral video status. Curated across varied genres on the platform such as entertainment, education, music, motivation and more, these engaging videos spread across generations, celebrities and creators and eventually became the ‘talk of the town’.

  1. @gima_ashi– she danced on Emiway Bantai song- Bhaut Hard  (Views: 120 Million)
  2. @jucqueen– #TakTakTak challenge   (Views: 112 Million)
  3. @nehakakkar– musical comic relief  (Views: 95 Million)
  4. @theofficialgeet– anger management  (Views: 26 Million)
  5. @officialmadhuridixit– announcing that she has joined TikTok and will be sharing something extraordinary  (Views: 23 Million)
  • Top 5 Occasions

Festivals and occasions bring people together in celebration. In a country like India, which is known as the land of festivals, these occasions not only bring joy and encourage togetherness, but also play a key role in strengthening unity among people. During 2019, TikTok left no tables unturned in uniting its users from diverse cultures and backgrounds to celebrate these occasions together and in encouraging them to capture and share these priceless moments These are the top five occasions that saw the vibrant TikTok community taking to the platform to express joy through their colourful and lively videos.

  1. Diwali (Views: 29.7 Billion)
  2. ICC Cricket World Cup (Views: 13.3 Billion)
  3. Independence Day  (Views: 4.3 Billion)
  4. Holi (Views: 2.5 Billion)
  5. Mother’s Day (Views: 2 Billion)
  • Top 5 Celebrities

This year, some of the biggest Indian celebrities joining TikTok to connect and engage with their fans in the most creative way. Not only this, a few celebrities also started their own trend and hashtag on the platform and effortlessly adapted to the TikTok’s creative culture. These are the top engaging celebrities who left their impression on our hearts this year.

  1. Jacqueline Fernandez (Followers: 9.5 Million)
  2. Riteish Deshmukh (Followers: 6.8 Million)
  3. Kapil Sharma (Followers: 2.2 Million)
  4. Madhuri Dixit (Followers: 1.2 Million)
  5. DJ Bravo (Followers: 1.5 Million
  • Top 5 Music Artists

TikTok supports creativity and originality! This year saw the advent of various music artists making their way to the platform to connect with a previously unexplored audience. Here are the top five music artists that came as a surprise this year.

  1. Neha Kakkar  (Followers: 12.5 Million)
  2. Guru Randhawa  (Followers: 5.8 Million)
  3. Tony Kakkar  (Followers: 4.1 Million)
  4. Milind Gaba (Followers: 3.1 Million)
  5. Arjun Kanungo (Followers: 964.2 K)
  • Top 5 Genres

TikTok provides its creative community with a lot of themes and categories to explore and create content on. From creating trendsetting videos to sharing inspiring moments, these five categories were explored the most on TikTok this year.

  1. Education
  2. Food
  3. Travel
  4. Sports
  5. Comedy
  • Top 5 Viral Challenges

TikTok captivated it’s user community with a lot of challenges that went viral, where users experimented, created and shared their own versions on the platform. Several creators and entertainment’s finest found success on TikTok with their unique takes on trending challenges. These top viral challenges, pushed users to innovate and bring out ideas to delight and entertain the 200 million strong community.

  1. #2OfMe (Views: 5.4 Billion)
  2. #MyJourney (Views: 5.3 Billion)
  3. #ILoveMyIndia (Views: 4.3 Billion)
  4. #TakTakTak (Views: 2.2 Billion)
  5. #PlayCool (Views: 1.8 Billion)
  • Top 5 Tracks 

In 2019, Indian and global musicians, artists and creators flocked to TikTok to share their music with the world. This year, several songs topped the charts and TikTok became a launchpad for diverse videos set to catchy music, with users posting their videos dancing and grooving to the tunes. These are the top tracks that created buzz on TikTok throughout 2019.

  1. Saki Saki (Views: 2 Billion)
  2. Lehanga (Views: 1.6 Billion)
  3. Dheeme Dheeme (Views: 1.2 Billion)
  4. Slowly Slowly (Views: 1.2 Billion)
  5. She Dont Know (Views: 1.0 Billion)
  • Top 5 Campaigns

The top 5 TikTok campaigns inspired millions to showcase their ingenuity by participating in real change and impacted the lives of many. With these campaigns and TikTok’s inclusiveness as a platform, the users became an inspiration for many first time internet users to building a community that always strive to learn something new.

  1. #EduTok
  • Total Creations: 13 Million
  • Total Views: 59 Billion
  1. #PetBFF
  • Total Creations: 511.7 K
  • Total Views: 2.7 Billion
  1. #CricketWorldCup 
  • Total Creations: 2.8 Million
  • Total Views: 13.3 Billion
  1. #SafeHumSafeInternet 
  • Total Creations: 148.1 K
  • Total Views: 939.1 Million
  1. #WaitASecToReflect 
  • Total Creations: 210.1K
  • Total Views: 951.5 Million
  • Top 5 Breakout Creators

These are the emerging trendsetting flock from a large pool of popular creators on TikTok. Their ingenuity makes TikTok the lovable and inspiring platform that it is across the world, encouraging others to join in and express their own creativity. These five breakout creators are the ones to look out for in 2020:

  1. @faby_makeupartist Fiza Abdi (Followers: 2.6 Million)
  2. @mridulmadhok– Mridul Madhok (Followers: 6.5 Million)
  3. @gunjanshouts– Gunjan Taneja (Followers: 3.5 Million)
  4. @mdmotivation164– Mahendra Dogney (Followers: 2.8 Million)
  5. @ur_smartmaker– Khan Tariq  (Followers: 5.5 Million)

As a part of the campaign, TikTok also launched a video featuring some of its popular creators. The video went viral on YouTube as it has already garnered close to 37 millions views within three days of launch.

Link to video – #TikTokRewind2019 – Let there be fun.

Concept: The #TikTokRewind2019 film is a reflection of the huge creative canvas that TikTok is. Users from all walks of life have embraced the platform to showcase their talent and express themselves creatively. With tools and features available to create diverse content, including innovative filters, trending music tracks, and in-app challenges to support social causes, there’s room for all kinds of content on TikTok. This film has edgy looks and graphic visuals and encapsulates the diversity seamlessly.


Agency: Ketchup

Chief Creative: Kulteja Ponnada

Copywriter: Kulteja Ponnada

Production house: Tolan Films

Producer: Nizamuddin Tolan

Director: Kartik Ramnathkar

DOP: Sejal Shah

Art Directors: Mithun Rajam, Ganesh More

Co-producer: Mayur Goel

Post-production: FHOA and After

In addition, TikTok is providing its users with an opportunity to showcase their love and support for their favourite celebs and music tracks of 2019 through an in-app polling page from December 12, 2019- January 05, 2020.

2019 is the year of milestones for TikTok in India, encouraging users and creators to bring joy and spread creativity.


Madhuri & Sunny take #MyJourney challenge on TikTok

  • Popular celebs like Madhuri Dixit NeneGuru RandhawaSunny Leone and many more join the challenge to share their life evolving moments with fans
  • The campaign went viral within two days of launch clocking more than 1 billion views until now

 Madhuri Dixit NeneGuru Randhawa and Sunny Leone take the #MyJourney challenge on TikTok

TikTok, world’s leading short format video platform, launched a new campaign #MyJourney which has been trending on the platform, since its launch two days ago. The campaign with a unique and easy to use template, has received a lot of love from celebrities including Madhuri Dixit NeneSunny LeoneGuru RandhawaVirender SehwagKaranvir BohraJay BhanushaliMahi VijGurmeet ChoudharySwapnil JoshiUrvashi DholakiaRehaan Roy and Srishty Rode who have posted videos using the new feature. The campaign has garnered more than 1 billion views within two days!

The challenge allows users to upload five photographs from different stages of their life and TikTok creates a video montage that identifies the evolution of one’s face, in a progressive formation effect. #MyJourney has received love from over 500k users who are taking to the platform and posting videos using the new template.

With a phenomenal response from TikTok users, the campaign has received over 1.5 million videos till today and the trend only seems to be starting! You can also join in the fun and create an unforgettable video with these simple steps. Begin with opening the TikTok app, click on the ‘Plus’ icon at the bottom of the landing page, select the “Photo Templates” option, choose “My Journey” and upload five photographs, and TikTok will create a memory that will last forever!


UN Women India and TikTok UNiTE to Break the Silence, End Violence

~UN Women’s campaign called #KaunsiBadiBaatHai aims to mobilize the community against acts of violence towards women~

The UN Women India’s official account on TikTok has also released a series of official videos of India  volunteers and staff.

UN Women India, United Nations entity committed to gender equality and empowerment of women has collaborated with TikTok the world’s leading destination for short form video content, on their campaign called #KaunsiBadiBaatHai. The campaign aims to raise awareness and inspire action towards making the world free from violence against women. This initiative is a part of the global 16 Days of Activism focused on ending gender based violence. The ‘Orange The World’ campaign, that kicked off on November 25th, observed as International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women and will continue till the International Day of Human Rights on December 10.

TikTok will run the hashtag #KaunsiBadiBaatHai on the platform for 16 days with an objective to mobilize users from across the country. The in-app campaign aims to encourage users to show their support by undertaking the #KaunsiBadiBaatHai “Rap for Change” challenge and sporting shades of orange, in their videos. The colour orange is globally recognised as the colour for the elimination of violence against women and symbolises a world that is free of all acts of violence against women. 

The campaign rap called Kaunsi Badi Baat Hai that users can use as soundtrack for their videos is,  written and rapped by Delhi based 16 year old Abbas Ali from  Slam Out Loud and composed by Aditya Shekhawat, highlight instances of violence against women and questions existing negative socio-cultural norms.

Speaking about the collaboration, Nishtha SatyamDeputy Country Representative, UN Women India said, “UN Women is committed to making spaces safe for women and young girls, for violence against women and young girls has real consequences and costs. Through our proud partnership with TikTok for this campaign, we hope to raise awareness and unite users to break the silence around violence.” 

Nitin Saluja, Director, Public Policy, TikTok India said, “ At TikTok our mission is to inspire and enrich people’s lives and give them an outlet to express themselves in a way that adds value to the community. We are proud to collaborate with UN Women India for this campaign as their community partners and believe that the highly engaged community on TikTok has the potential to contribute towards a change in society and spread the message of a violence free-world.”

To know more about this campaign, follow UN Women India on TikTok (@unwomenindia). Use the hashtag #KaunsiBadiBaatHai and join the movement for ending violence against women.


TikTok’s unique fitness brand campaign #MakeYourMoov

TikTok, world’s leading destination for short-format video content, collaborated with Moov for a first of its kind brand fitness campaign #MakeYourMoov. The brands objective was to promote physical fitness and inspire users to adopt a healthy lifestyle. The #MakeYourMoov garnered more than 9 billion views since its launch.

Brands often look for innovative solutions to stand out in the highly competitive market and TikTok as a platform allows them to explore interactive hashtag challenges and trending topics that are popular. Moov initiated a unique Hashtag Challenge called #MakeYourMoov where users were encouraged to post a video performing at least one fitness move of their choice.

(Left to Right) Popular Creators taking the #MakeYourMoov challenge: Sunny ChopraGunjan TanejaManav Chhabra and Aashna Hegde)

Sachin Sharma, Director, Sales and Partnerships, TikTok India, said, “Brands are slowly uncovering the true potential of our platform and connecting with their audiences across the length and breadth of the country. Our unique ad solutions help deliver exciting experiences that drive user engagement and business impact. We are excited about our partnership with Moov on Fitness, one of our popular categories. The hashtag Challenge witnessed a humongous response with participation across age groups.”

Pankaj Duhan, Chief Marketing Officer, RB Health South Asia, said, “Moov has been India’s number 1 trusted pain relief brand since 1986. As an expert, we conceptualized the #MakeYourMoov challenge to draw attention towards growing lifestyle pains and an urgent need to develop active lifestyle habits. The popular campaign preceded the launch of Moov Advanced Gel with Diclofenac, the #1 recommended active gel by doctors for acute pain relief. It encouraged India to bring about smaller changes in their everyday life that will impact their overall health in the long run. Our collaboration with TikTok enhanced the campaign outreach to a wide and varied audience. The exciting challenge and engaging format of TikTok made it a runaway success with people sharing their innovative moves in multitudes. We are happy that together Moov and TikTok made India ‘Move’.”

By encouraging users to create their own content for a campaign, the brand paves way for these users to resonate with the overall campaign message, turning them into authentic and powerful brand ambassadors.Join TikTok and be part of its vibrant community of talented users by participating in creative in-app campaigns and initiatives.

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TikTok Inspires Next-Gen leaders Through #ZeroWaster Challenge

TikTok, the leading destination for short-form mobile video, is partnering with Global Initiatives to launch the environment-themed #ZeroWaster challenge from November 8-10, 2019. The #ZeroWaster  campaign is set to mobilize TikTok’s global creative community, aiming to inspire and encourage a new generation to take action towards sustainable development. The global campaign is one of the many initiatives under TikTok for Good, a long-term initiative launched by TikTok to underscore the platform’s commitment and contribution to promote social good.

With over 200 million users in India from the deepest pockets of the country, TikTok has been playing the role of a powerful platform to nudge the cultural consciousness of this varied community. As per reports earlier this year, the Central Pollution Control Board of the country stated how India generates close to 26,000 tonnes of plastic waste every day, of which almost 11,000 tonnes is uncollected plastic. Other reports also state that 80% of the daily garbage remains exposed and untreated, causing more harm than usual. The #ZeroWaster campaign is another effort from the platform to address global issues and concerns that are also pertinent to India.

The #ZeroWaster campaign encourages participants to produce zero waste over the course of one to three days, and share those experiences on TikTok. Some of TikTok’s popular creators will also create educational TikTok videos with examples and tips on how to lead a zero-waste lifestyle to spread awareness amongst the community. As part of the partnership, Global Initiatives will also mobilize a global network of students from universities around the world to join this campaign, using their creative ideas to engage followers on TikTok and activate support for a sustainable future.

(Videos from globalinitiatives on the challenge)

Kim Stengert, Worldwide Fund for Nature (WWF)’s Chief of Strategic Communications says, “Increasingly we are seeing the youth step up and take charge to address the most urgent environmental issues like eliminating waste and addressing climate change. The sustainability movement is gaining traction and young people are an important force behind this.”

“We have to act now. Embracing the circular economy approach will be critical for us to move towards a sustainable future and protect our environment and natural resources,” says Isabelle Louis, Deputy Director of U.N. Environment Programme Asian Pacific Regional Office (UNEP).

The top ten #ZeroWaster submissions will be featured at the Responsible Business Forum (RBF) on Sustainable Development, before an audience of over 300 business and sustainability leaders from around the world. The Responsible Business Forum is organised by Global Initiatives, in partnership with global organisations such as the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF), United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) and World Business Council For Sustainable Development (WBCSD), and will be held on 18-19 November in Singapore.

“As a popular short form video platform, TikTok has become an important tool for raising awareness and activating support for social causes. I am very excited about the #ZeroWaster campaign and how this will galvanise youth to play an even greater role towards achieving zero waste.” said Tony Gourlay, Chief Executive Officer, Global Initiatives.

TikTok has previously launched social awareness campaigns that have seen much success including #SaveOurOceans#CleanIndia and #ForClimate. These campaigns were launched to raise awareness on Marine Plastic Pollution, Universal Sanitation and Climate Change, respectively. With rampant conversation on plastics and pollution troubles in India, all three campaigns saw creators and users came together to share tips and tricks on how to adopt an environment friendly lifestyle and were very well received by the Indian audience.

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TikTok’s brand collaboration with Bingo! – an instant hit!

Hashtag campaign, #StartWithStarters garner 2.52 Billion Views in 3 Days!

TikTok, world’s leading destination for short-format video content partnered with Bingo! to launch their new tasty pulse based snack, Bingo! Starters. With the debonair Ranveer Singh as the brand ambassador, Bingo! launched an interactive and entertaining Hashtag campaign called #StartWithStarters where users accepted a dance challenge. The campaign amassed 8.5 billion views since the launch while encouraging users to start their day with some healthy snacking.

Brands are slowly uncovering the true potential of TikTok as it is the most popular and engaging content creation platform for a lot of new internet users in the country. TikTok also understands that the Gen Z likes S-I-N-C – Short-form, Influencer Driven, Native and Co-Created content and keeping this in mind caters to diverse advertising needs which are critical for brands today. This gives partner brands an opportunity to connect with their audiences, an option explored by ITC’s Bingo! Starters to create awareness on their new healthy snack- the first pulses based chip in the country. The partnership witnessed an innovative and interesting launch that was also trending on the app.

(Left to Right) Popular Creators taking the #StartWithStarters challenge: Awez Darbar, Avneet Kaur, Vishal Pandey and Adil Khan

Sachin Sharma, Director, Sales and Partnerships, TikTok India, said, “TikTok presents innovative brand solutions to deliver exciting experiences that drive engagement and business results. We work across unique ad formats that enables brands to effectively connect with the digital audiences across the country in an interesting and interactive format. We are excited about our partnership with ITC. The collaboration was on one of our widely used ad formats, a Hashtag campaign, the response to which was phenomenal.”

TikTok as a platform allows users to express their creative ideas through content, giving rise to extremely interactive hashtag challenges and trending topics that anyone can participate in. By letting users create their own content for a brand’s campaign, hashtag challenges give users a sense of being part of the brand, turning them into authentic and powerful brand ambassadors.

Shuvadip Banerjee, VP Marketing at ITC said, “Our foray into pulse chips was an effort to come forward with a snack that is healthy as well as tasty. The #StartWithStarters challenge was all about connecting with the youth and introducing the pulse chips as an option for healthy snacking. Who better than Ranveer Singh could have “Started the Journey for Bingo! Starters”. We are ecstatic that our association with TikTok helped us further our objective and gave the audience an interesting challenge while having fun munching their new favourite snack.”

The campaign continues to garner interest of TikTok users. A unique fusion of delicious spices and pulses, Bingo! Starters are available in four flavours.

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#TikTokDiwali made this festive season EPIC for the digital community

  • Top Indian celebrities including Neha Kakkar, Riteish Deshmukh, Genelia D’Souza and Kapil Sharma take to TikTok to wish their friends and fans
  • The campaign garnered more than 16.5 billion views on the platform during the ten day celebrations 

Popular celebrities including Neha KakkarRiteish DeshmukhRannvijay Singha and Kapil Sharma wishing their fans a Happy Diwali on TikTok)

During this festive season, TikTok, world’s leading short-video platform, offered creative ways for its user community to celebrate Diwali and wish their loved ones. To make the special moments in its users’ lives more joyous, as part of #TikTokDiwali, TikTok collaborated with GoIbibo to offer exciting travel packages and launched Diwali-themed in-app stickers and features to enable users to create Diwali greetings. Over the Diwali weekend, TikTok set up an Augmented Reality(AR)-driven offline experience zone to give an opportunity to its users to create personalized and unique greetings with exclusive features.

During the 10 day campaign from 19th-28th October, TikTok users created and shared 11.8 million videos using #TikTokDiwali which secured over 16.5 billion views on the app. To mark a historical milestone, TikTok users uploaded 3.3 million videos on the day of Diwali, alone.

As part of the celebrations, TikTok had launched Diwali-themed stickers to help users create unique, personalized greetings using #TikTokDiwali. Special effects and filters like ‘Fireworks’ were most popular among users to spread the festive cheer. The campaign was focused on encouraging the TikTok community to celebrate one of the biggest festivals with their loved ones in the most unique way and share those special moments to spread the festive vibe among the users.

The overall #TikTokDiwali campaign also saw over 1500 popular creators and over 50 celebrities such as Jacqueline FernandezRiteish and Genelia DeshmukhRannvijay SinghaKapil Sharma amongst others share Diwali videos to wish TikTok users on the auspicious occasion. As part of the campaign, users with the most creative greetings were rewarded goCash+, domestic and international travel packages provided by GoIbibo. The collaboration witnessed participation from 15 million users and over 1.5 million users were awarded the goCash+ coupons.

(The AR driven experience zone at Ambience Mall, Vasant Kunj, New Delhi)

Additionally, TikTok offered its users a never-before chance to create innovative Diwali greetings by setting up an Augmented Reality (AR) driven experience zone at Ambience Mall, Vasant Kunj in New Delhi. The booth became immensely popular with users trying their hands on making unique and innovative greetings. 

Join TikTok and be part of its vibrant community of talented users by participating in creative in-app campaigns and initiatives.


IMB interviews Tiktok fame Mr. Shahid MS | Syed fardeen

Em Cee Farden interviews the TikTok fame Shahid MS. Watch the video to know more about Shahid MS.



How TikTok made Modi popular among young voters

Nearly 1.5 crore young “digital natives”, most of whom cast their votes for the first time, chose to vote for Narendra Modi as India’s next prime minister and Chinese short video-sharing app TikTok played a great role in creating a “Modi wave” among them.

While the seasoned members of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) were busy charting out strategies and organising rallies, the younger, tech-savvy karyakartas took charge of expanding Modi’s digital presence across platforms including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter — and TikTok.

TikTok, which claims to have over 120 million monthly active users in India, played a crucial part in circulating dialogues, speeches and candid reactions from Modi on smartphones across the length and breadth of the country.

“One day, my Instagram was flooded with TikTok videos showing Congress President Rahul Gandhi and Modi sharing hugs and winks during a Parliament session with ‘Aankh maare, ladka aankh maare’ song playing in the background. It will always be one of my favourites this election season,” Riya Kalwani, content writer from Mumbai told IANS.

“Seriously, whoever took the time and energy to make these videos, hats off to them,” she added.

The app-struck young voters took to the platform to record themselves, shouting the famous “Mitro” and “Iss baar fir Modi sarkar” videos, hash-tagged them with social media trends and shared those.

After Modi prefixed the word “Chowkidar” before his name on Twitter, TikTokers went berserk.

Not just individuals but families recorded themselves imitating Modi’s “Aap aashvast rahiye, aapka ye chowkidar, poori tarah chowkanna hai” dialogue along with videos on the “Mein bhi chowkidar hu” songs.

“So many people did TikTok videos on ‘Zyada se zyada ye mera kya kar lenge? Aree hum toh fakeer aadmi hai, jhola leke chal padenge’ dialogue. It was everywhere. There was also this one where people have dubbed Modi discussing popular daily soap ‘Ye rishta kya kehlata hai.’ Just hilarious,” said Deepika Tiwari, a media student.

Another TikTok video that trended showed a TV screen recording of Modi speaking in a session with a paper in hand and his supporters banging the table behind him in agreement along with a famous dialogue from Bollywood movie “Munna Bhai MBBS”: ‘Sir, bahar casualty mei koi marrne ki halat pe raha, toh usko form bharna zaroori hai kya?”

In addition to Hindi, several TikTok videos were shared in other regional languages including Bhojpuri, Rajasthani, Gujarati and Bengali.

In an interview with Bollywood star Akshay Kumar, Modi said that he enjoys memes on the Internet.

The clip became a sensational TikTok topic that floated on social media platforms for quite a while.


Social Media

Instagram implies TikTok and Snapchat ideas on IGTV

Desperate to promote its IGTV feature for posting longer videos, Facebook-owned photo-video sharing app Instagram is now copying TikTok and Snapchat with their use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and interface design.

Depending on the tried and tested methods of the two apps, Instagram’s IGTV has ditched its category-based navigation system’s tabs like “For You”, “Following”, “Popular”, and “Continue Watching” for just one central feed of algorithmically suggested videos — much like TikTok, TechCrunch reported on Monday.

With its new design, IGTV has also moved on from its awkward horizontal scrolling design to a Snapchat Discover-like vertical “infinity grid” layout of recommended clips.

The new design showed up in last week’s announcements for Instagram Explore’s new Shopping and IGTV discovery experiences.

“The idea is this is more immersive and helps you to see the breadth of videos in IGTV rather than the horizontal scrolling interface that used to exist,” the report quoted Will Ruben, Instagram’s product lead on Explore as saying.

Launched in 2018, the long-form video hub that lives inside both a homescreen button in Instagram as well as a standalone app, has failed to host lengthier must-see original vertical content.

TSensor Tower estimates that the IGTV app has just 4.2 million installs worldwide, with just 7,700 new ones per day – implying less than half a per cent of Instagram’s billion-plus users have downloaded it. IGTV does not even rank on the overall charts and hangs low at number 191 on the US – Photo and Video app charts, according to App Annie, the report added.

However, the photo-messaging app is still trying out ways to make the feature work as intended.

Recently, Instagram started showing IGTV videos as part of the usual news feed, in order to boost user-engagement with the longer video clips.



Decide on TikTok by Wednesday, or ban ends; Supreme Court

The Supreme Court on Monday gave an ultimatum to the Madras High Court saying the interim ban on TikTok video streaming app will end if the high court did not decide on it by April 24

The top court’s direction came after counsel Abhishek Manu Singhvi said the order could not be passed without hearing him and the experts.

The apex court said if the high court does not pass the order in the next two days then the interim stay will be vacated.



Google and Apple have blocked TikTok download in India

Google and Apple have blocked the download of TikTok from Play Store and App Store respectively in India, following a request from the government to ban access to the Chinese short video-sharing app that has been downloaded over 230 million times in the country.

The Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology had asked Google and Apple to block the app following the Supreme Court’s refusal to stay the original Madras HC court order on April 3.

The Madurai Bench of the Madras High Court on Tuesday refused to lift the ban on TikTok and set April 24 the next hearing date.

A Google spokesperson told IANS: “As a policy, we don’t comment on individual apps but adhere to the law in countries we operate in.”

TikTok said in a statement that the company has faith in the Indian judicial system.

“We are optimistic about an outcome that would be well received by over 120 million monthly active users in India, who continue using TikTok to showcase their creativity and capture moments that matter in their everyday lives,” a TikTok spokesperson said.

The Supreme Court on Monday refused to interfere, for now, with the Madras High Court’s order banning Chinese video app TikTok, and directed further hearing in the matter on April 22.

Expressing concern over the “pornographic and inappropriate” contents of the TikTok, the High Court had, on April 3, directed the Centre to ban the app.

The ban order came after the court noted that children were being exposed to pornographic and inappropriate material.

With over 54 million users every month, TikTok allows its users to create and share videos and these may have inappropriate content.

The rise of Chinese short video-sharing app TikTok in India has been so spectacular over the past year that it is now nearly impossible for any social media user to not have come across its content.

These user-created videos that often contain memes, lip-syncing songs and sometimes sleazy posts regularly find ways to other popular social media sites including Facebook, WhatsApp and ShareChat. These are the platforms where most adult social media users are now getting introduced to TikTok.


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Supreme Court agrees to look into video mobile application TikTok row

The Supreme Court said it will look into the order passed by the Madras High Court directing an interim ban on the video mobile application ‘TikTok’.

Senior advocate Abhishek Manu Singhvi sought urgent listing of the case. He said that the application had been downloaded on a major scale, has numerous users and an ex-parte interim order was passed against the start-up.

Chief Justice Ranjan Gogoi said he will look into the matter.

Last week, a bench of Justices N. Kirubakaran and S.S. Sundar passed an interim order issuing directions to the government to prohibit downloading the mobile application. It also directed the media not to broadcast the videos made using it.

The Madras High Court posed a query to the government. It asked whether the government will enact a statue, like the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act enacted by the US government, in order to prevent children becoming online victims.



Ban TikTok for encouraging pornography; Madras HC

The Madras High Court has asked the Centre to ban the Chinese video mobile application TikTok, saying it “encourages pornography” and is spoiling the future of youths and minds of children.

The court said inappropriate content was being provided by the TikTok app, owned by Chinese tech company ByteDance, and the government had a social responsibility to stop it.

Hearing a petition filed by an advocate, the Madurai Bench of the High Court on Wednesday also issued an interim order to the Central government banning downloading of the app in India and restricted the media from telecasting videos taken using the app.

Earlier, Tamil Nadu’s Information Technology Minister M. Manikandan had said that the state would write to the Central government seeking a ban on the app in India.

In a statement to IANS, TikTok said it was committed to abiding by local laws and regulations.

“We fully comply with the Information Technology (Intermediaries Guidelines) Rules, 2011. We are currently awaiting the official order by the High Court of Madras and once received, we will review and take appropriate action regarding this matter,” the company said.

“In order to better coordinate with the law enforcement agencies, we have appointed a Chief Nodal Officer based out of India,” TikTok added.

With a global user base of over one billion users, TikTok has over 50 million users in India.

The app is very popular in India, especially among teenagers. In January, 43 per cent of the app’s new users were from India, compared to just 9.5 percent in January of 2018, said Sensor Tower founder Oliver Yeh in a recent blog post.

In fact, 25 per cent of TikTok’s downloads to date have come from India, for an estimated total of 250 million there. The app enables its users to shoot short videos and share it with others.

In a letter addressed to Prime Minister Narendra Modi in February, Swadeshi Jagran Manch co-convener Ashwani Mahajan said that TikTok is known for sharing the details of children and being an open ground for child pornography and possibly anti-national activities.

Following the allegations by SJM, ByteDance said that TikTok was committed to maintaining a safe and positive in-app environment for its users in India.

“We have robust measures to protect users against misuse, including easy reporting mechanisms that enable users and law enforcement to report content that violates our terms of use and community guidelines,” it said.



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Will ensure positive app experience for users in India; TikTok

Popular video-sharing platform TikTok, owned by Chinese tech company ByteDance, on Wednesday said the company was committed to maintaining a safe and positive in-app environment for its users in India.

Reacting to an IANS report on how Hindu chauvinistic videos thrive on TikTok, ByteDance said that the video-sharing app as well as its social media platform Helo were committed to respecting local laws and regulations.

“We have robust measures to protect users against misuse, including easy reporting mechanisms that enable users and law enforcement to report content that violates our terms of use and community guidelines,” ByteDance told IANS.

The Chinese social media apps came under the spotlight after Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh’s (RSS) economic wing Swadeshi Jagran Manch (SJM) called for a ban on China-based apps.

The plea to ban Chinese apps came after 40 CRPF troopers were killed in a deadly suicide attack in Jammu and Kashmir’s Pulwama district.

But a quick search on the TikTok app showed that Hindu chauvinistic content is very popular among its users.

While a search for #Ayodhya showed 14.1 million views, the RSS tag had nearly 64.5 million views.

Released in China in 2016, TikTok has over 24.5 million daily active users in India, according to data from web analytics service SimilarWeb.

In a letter addressed to Prime Minister Narendra Modi, SJM co-convener Ashwani Mahajan said that “dastardly terrorist attack in Pulwama has shaken the conscience of the nation and at this time steps should be taken to prevent the economic gain of any nation that directly or tacitly supports such terrorists”.

The SJM added that Chinese social media apps including TikTok and Helo are being used to spread child pornography content and possibly anti-national activities.

According to ByteDance, there is no basis for the factually incorrect claims made by certain groups recently.

“We treat the safety and security of our user data very seriously,” the company said in a statement.