Smart Luggage a luxury leather accessory brand by Da Milano

Da Milano, a luxury leather accessory brand has launched its latest collection of trolleys, “Smart Luggage”. The collection features three distinguished products with added smart features and cutting-edge technology with specialised design and style.

The trolleys ensure added security for your luggage through biometric Locks and inbuilt GPS and Bluetooth device. The following are the products included in the collection.

  1. Biometric Locks

The trolleys have locks that are designed to add a new level of security, beyond the standard lock and key or combination lock. This feature makes for an effortless and seamless safety measure, and adds to your convenience as well. The product is sure to catch focus in the technology-driven market of today.

  1. GPS and Bluetooth Features

These trolleys have a GPS and Bluetooth function embedded into its structure. The feature is activated through an application which you download on your smartphone. The app connects the luggage and your phone, and so enables the user to track the trolley when it is misplaced.

  1. Weighing Scale

The weighing scale as a function helps the user to ascertain the weight of the luggage hassle-free and without strain, as weight measurement is imperative while travelling. It is a feature for convenience as the scale is built at the top handle of the trolley