Mohammed Azmathulla Set a New World Record in Powerlifting

Mohammed Azmathulla, 41 years old, Business School Graduate with over 18 years of IT Program/ Project Management has been training for over 25 years and represented India at numerous championships. Recent of which he represented India at the Asian WPC Championships held at Chelyabinsk, Russia and set a World Record in the Masters1 Deadlifts in the Classic Powerlifting.  He broke the current record by 2.5kgs by Deadlifting a massive 295kgs at a bodyweight of 97kgs. Besides that he also won SIlver in the Open category of Full Powerlifting, Gold in the Masters1 100kgs category in Full Powerlifting & Deadlifts.

Though having a full day job, family and usual commitments, he train week on week and month on month to achieve his goals and set those records, making history for India. His favorite quote being “Only those who risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go”.

Summarizing his representation of India:
– Silver in Full Powerlifting & Gold in Deadlift in Subrata Classic International, Jamshedpur – Jan 2016
– Gold in Full Powerlifing & Deadlifts in Sub Masters 100kgs Category at GPA Worlds, Moscow 2016
– Bronze in Deadlifts in Open 100kgs category at WPC Worlds, Moscow 2017
РGold in Asian Full Powerlifting & Deadlifts in 100kgs Masters1 Category, Silver in Full Powerlifting  & Deadlifts in 100kgs Open Category
– Set World Record in WPC 100kgs Masters1 Full Powerlitfing Deadlifts at Chelyabinsk, July 2018