Insight | A teen kills himself | Farhan Hoda | Shahid Hussain

A school going kid in Bangalore committed suicide, just because he was not made as the class leader. This is a serious issue. It is partly the responsibility of the school management and teachers to become very sensitive to curb this kind of problems in the coming days. And it is mainly the responsibility of the parents to monitor the mood change of their children on a daily basis to ensure that the children do not take any extreme steps in order to release their frustration or depression. It is evident as a failure of both the parents and the education system which includes the management of the schools and the teachers, who are supposed to ensure that they pay special attention to every child who comes to their schools. It is now time for us as a civil society to come together to discuss what really needs to be done to stop every child from taking this kind of extreme step.


What is the psychology behind all of this? How to really stop all of these kinds of crimes which the children are these days very much into? To explain some of the human values, Mr Farhan Hoda is talking to Mr Shahid Hussain about the parental guidance which is required at the home to make sure that such incidents do not happen in the near future. This production is brought you by Indian Media Book.