founderINDIA launches  campaign against #FakeBizNews

  •  The business publication will bust fake business stories, and emphasise the importance of ethical and responsible corporate reporting for India’s economic progression, under the campaign #FakeBizNews.

The business of ‘breaking news’ reporting in this era of the information revolution is a double-edged sword.

With the constant pressure to churn out stories that have the potential to go viral, the digital era is as binding as it is liberating for the media. Competition among media houses has grown manifold. As a result, sensationalism is fast replacing ethical journalism. While awareness is growing around biased and fabricated political news stories, and steps are being taken to curb the spread of fake news via social media, the issue of responsible business journalism still remains neglected. With an appeal to bring back ethics in corporate reporting, new-age business media founderINDIA has launched a campaign against #FakeBizNews.

In recent years, there have been ample instances of irresponsible business reporting with fabricated information, influenced stories, photoshopped images and videos. Such biased or half-cooked business stories to win the race of ‘exclusive’ and ‘breaking’ news serve no purpose. Clean business media is the need of the hour. to help the economy grow at a much faster rate. Under this campaign, the publication will bust several fake business stories with worthwhile evidence.

Talking about the initiative, founderINDIA editor Alex said, “As we fight against media censorship, and raise slogans in favour of the freedom of the press, it’s more important than ever before for business media fraternity to stand by ethical journalism. Misleading business reporting doesn’t help media, entrepreneurs, common man or the nation. On the contrary, the threat is immense. One wrong media coverage doesn’t just imperil a brand image that’s built with years of hard work and investment, but it also jeopardises numerous jobs and eventually our economy’s growth and image in the international market.”

“While stories especially the hard-hitting ones should never remain unpublished, unbalanced and baseless stories should not go public without due diligence either. We are a growing economy with young entrepreneurs working really hard to make a mark. The media has no right to blow them without substantial proof and data. By way of this campaign, founderINDIA is appealing to journalists to adopt fair practices and pursue responsible journalism,” added Alex.

If any business house, big or small, has faced any issue of misrepresentation in the hands of irresponsible journalism or if entrepreneurs have stories that are being declined by media houses because of undue corporate or political influence, they can reach out to founderINDIA. The publication will do a ground check on such stories, and if the claims made by brands and entrepreneurs are true, the publication will bring out the real story.