Ex- Naxalite, Bihari Yadav’s New Profile Gau Rakshak

Anita Minj is a name to remember for those who think that money, power and gender play a major role in fighting a battle, for she remains resolute and continues to fight a battle for justice.

Anita lost her husband in 2017 August when a group of self proclaimed GauRakshaks lynched her husband who later on died without being treated in the local police station in Bargah, Jharkand.

According to “The Wire”,  Anita named around 39 men who assaulted her husband Ramesh Minj and his brother Umesh Minj, but the complete list of names went missing from the police record until she filed an  FIR. Ayodhya Singh one of the main accused is yet to be arrested a few were granted immediate bail and the rest of them are waiting to get a bail.

The FIR lists the main accused as Bihari yadav and his son Manoj Yadav. Umesh recalled the ghastly incident and mentioned that when they were being tied, Bihari yadav showed them how to tie up men and said he had learnt it when he was naxalite before he joined the CRPF camp which is called as picket by the adivasis.

Anita’s burning eagerness to get justice for her slain husband gets her to speak uninhibitedly about the rough world the adivasis live in as this was not a sole incident she had witnessed. The attacks on adivasis began ever since “picket” came to Barkol in the year 2012.

The only reason the Yadavs are thirsting for Adivasi blood is because they have started following Christianity and hence are called “Beef eaters by the yadavs who trouble them whenever they can. The threats and insults are becoming loud on roads, markets.

Bihari Yadav the main accused had directly and openly threatened Anita and her family in the court that he would revenge this insult. The eye witnesses are also threatened by the yadavs who claim affiliation to the BJP-RSS parties.

Anita claims the government has not done anything to support her legal battle. Barring a few opposition leaders from CPI(ML) and some social workers none came forward to help her.

Anita is silently fighting for justice while working tirelessly to raise her 5 children. While we pray that she wins this battle, we need to ensure that all of us have to do our part in bringing forth to light the facts that could be easily erased and buried to support few people political growth.

As citizens of India let us not support or bring to power those with criminal records and ensure that only the most educated deserve the best seats in the Parliament.

Jai Hind