Digital catapults the ‘Funds & Friends Are For Life’ campaign

DViO Digital, an integrated marketing company that focuses on the digital transformation of brands and businesses helped Reliance Mutual Fund impactfully run the Friendship Day campaign called ‘Funds & Friends Are For Life’. The campaign focused on a fun and relatable approach to the topical occasion, and drew parallels between friendship & Mutual Funds.

The campaign compares Mutual Fund to the way a best friend stands by you through tough times, your investments come in handy when you need them the most, something you can depend on etc. DViO Digital and Reliance Mutual Funds launched the campaign for Friendship Day and drew different comparisons, each striking a chord with everyone that has experienced true friendship and making mutual fund investments salient in the process.

The ‘Funds & Friends are for Life’ campaign saw a great response across platforms giving a total Impressions of 481,032 & Total Engagement of 59,921 with an overall Engagement Rate of 12.45%

Commenting on the campaign Aditya Malhotra – Strategy Head , DViO Digital said, “Funds & Friends Are For Life, is a new and fresh approach to talk about mutual funds. Since always, people have been vary of investing in mutual funds and it was our goal to change their outlook and into forming a positive notion in their minds and comparing it to friendship really makes you understand the true meaning of it.

Commenting on the program, Sandeep Walunj- Chief Marketing Officer, Reliance Mutual Fund said, “ It was an exciting take on Friendship Day, engaging and thought-provoking at the same time. A large no. of investors as well as advisors responded very warmly to the witty content.”