Burning Debate On The Desires Of LGBT Community

The person’s argument: If a person of a sex gets attracted to another of the same sex, is that a crime?

My thoughts: It’s not a crime if one gets attracted to another. But to make advances to the effect that they involve in Anal sex is a crime. For example, A man may get attracted to the beauty of a prostitute woman. That’s not a crime. That’s a desire. But if he goes to her house to warm her bed, only to throw some money on her face, then that’s a crime. Desiring a thing may be natural. But to choose the desires is optional. A man may desire to become a rich man. But to cheat people to become rich is a crime. Similarly, apply the same analogy with homosexual activity. Your argument is very dangerous actually. In the west, the son desires his mother who delivered him. And sleeps with her. And that’s called as Incest. Is that morally right? No secular book will teach morals btw. Only the Divine Law can guide one to all morals. Some desire animals for sex. They are called Bestial sex. Some desire dead corpses. They are called Necrophile. Some desire little babies. They are called Paedophile. So can a man or a woman run after desires, or choose the ones that are lawful desires. The irreligious and freethinking people have in reality corrupted this world more than any religious community. Hence I would say that if desires are the yardstick to measure what’s right or wrong, then most of the wives cannot be faithful to their husbands; and vice versa.

The person’s next argument: Why criminalise just because it is harmful? In that case, are we banning alcohol, smoking etc?

My thoughts: Ideally all intoxicants – alcohol, drugs, cigars and every other deviant lifestyle such as casinos, discotheques, brothels and pubs need to be closed. That’s what’s the Divine Law wants out of people, so that the people live in peace. If God had found any good in these forbidden things, he would have permitted them for mankind. But man is rebellious. Hence he behaves like a disobedient brat who cross cuts his parents wishes. Think how silly it would be of a son who drinks alcohol in his college and then says that he is just living a life to please his own desire. Would his parents be happy? Would that family have peace? Hence God has forbidden all the things that are harmful to man. The diseases that spread through Anal sex, the surgeries that harm the transgenders, the moral decay that assimilates in the society is all danger that we are leaving for the next generations. We talk about air pollution, noise pollution and water pollution, but we forget about polluting the bodies and the minds.

Hostels and schools will become unsafe to send the children. The masters and senior students if they indulge in this kind of horrible practices then soon it will gloom the entire education system. The Indian Army is already worried of the recent judgement of the SC. Surely the recent judgement was not given by those who adhere to Divine guidance; for all the religious scriptures are against this obnoxious practice, except the scriptures that are based on human handiwork insinuated by the satan.

Writer: Umar Shariff, President of Discover Islam Education Trust /
[email protected]