Bulging Eyes could be a sign of serious Medical Condition

~Contributed by Dr Shashidhar V S, Consultant-Oculoplasty, Sankara Eye Hospital~

Eyes are among the most distinct feature for not just humans but any creature. Eyes are also among the first features to be noticed when you meet someone or even when a baby is born. Big bulging eyes often receive more attention at the pretext of being more beautiful.

However, bulging eyes or eyes that project out of their normal position might not be a sign of beauty rather some serious medical condition. Some people are born with eyes that bulge out more than usual, while in some people bulging eyes grow due to an underlying medical condition.

One way to observe the bulging is that in most normal cases, the white part of the eye must not be seen between upper lid and iris. But if the white area is visible between the iris and the upper eyelid, then it could be a sign of abnormal bulging.

Bulging eyes are also referred to as exophthalmos by the doctors or proptosis. The bulging could either be bilateral or unilateral. If one of the eyes is suddenly observed bulging, it should immediately be given medical attention. Graves’ Eye disease can also lead to bulging eyes, also known as Thyroid eye disease. This is so because Graves’ disease occurs when the body produces too much thyroid hormone and the immune system attacks the tissue around the eyes which makes the eyes protrude forward.

Some other symptoms include:

  • A gritty, dry sensation in the eyes
  • Eye pain or pressure
  • Puffy eyelids
  • Inflaming or reddening of the eyes
  • Sensitivity to light
  • Vision loss or double vision
  • Tearing / Watering
  • Not being able to move both eyes in sync

Less commonly, Graves’ eye disease can occur in people with an underactive thyroid gland as well and rarely in people with normal thyroid levels.


Graves’ Disease is the most common cause of bulging eyes. Some other possible causes of bulging eyes are likely to be:

  • Certain types of cancer like Neuroblastoma (a type of cancer that can affect your sympathetic nervous system), leukemia (a type of cancer that can affect your white blood cells), rhabdomyosarcoma (a type of cancer that can develop in your soft tissues) or metastatic tumors from cancer elsewhere in the body. A tumour (cancerous or non-cancerous) can develop behind the eye and push the eye forward
  • Lymphoma, often non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma
  • Hemangioma, an abnormal collection of blood vessels
  • An injury leading to bleeding in the eye socket or swelling in the eye socket and the eye may protrude due to collection of blood behind it
  • Sarcoidosis and other connective tissue diseases
  • Certain infections can also attack the eye and inflame the eye socket like orbital cellulitis, an inflammation that can affect the tissues around your eye

If any unusual bulging is observed in either one or both of the eyes, you must ensure to get it checked with an Oculoplastic Surgeon. To diagnose the problem and the extent of it, the Oculoplastic Surgeon is likely to ask the patient to get one or more of the following tests done post a physical examination of the patient’s bulging eye/eyes:

  • Vision test
  • Dilated eye exam
  • Slit-lamp exam
  • Imaging tests like CT or MRI scans
  • Blood tests


The treatment plan for bulging eyes depends on the underlying cause that has led to the bulging of the eyes. Based on the diagnosis, the doctor is likely to prescribe one or more of the following:

  • Eye drops
  • Antibiotics
  • Corticosteroids to ease inflammation
  • Eye surgery
  • Surgery, chemotherapy, or radiation to treat cancerous tumors

However, in the case of Graves’ disease or another thyroid condition, the following treatment is likely to be recommended by endocrinologist.

  • Medications like beta-blockers or anti-thyroid medications
  • Radioactive iodine
  • Surgery to remove the thyroid gland
  • Replacing the thyroid hormone if the thyroid gland has been destroyed

iProspect India wins global mandate of VFS Global

Starting the year on a high note, iProspect India, the digital performance agency from the house of Dentsu Aegis Network (DAN), has been named the global media agency for VFS Global – world’s largest outsourcing and technology services company that serves governments and diplomatic missions, worldwide. The account was won following a multi-agency pitch and will be serviced from the agency’s Mumbai office.

It is pertinent to note here that VFS Global is an integrated win for iProspect India. The digital agency will now work with other DAN specialists – Carat and Posterscope – to service the account. While Carat will lend its services in media, Posterscope will handle the brand’s out-of-home mandate.  DAN Data Labs too will partner on the account. The agencies, together, will help the brand create favourable brand imagery among its current and prospective customers through sustained campaigns in India and globally.

Talking about the win, Rubeena Singh, CEO, iProspect India said, “We are excited to partner VFS Global on their digital and mainline marketing efforts. VFS Global is a marquee global brand in the outsourcing visa and passport services space. We are thrilled that they have chosen iProspect India for our data-driven creatives and tech-enabled approach.”

Commenting on the association, Belson Coutinho, CMO, VFS Global added, “We look forward to working closely with iProspect India on all our media requirements and an insight-driven decision-making approach. Given our global nature of operations, it is important for us to have a partner who deeply understands consumer behaviour and habits, who is agile in its approach and will be able to deliver efficiencies across mainline and digital media. With iProspect India, we plan to bring in greater automation and a data-driven approach to marketing and media planning.”

The company has a Swiss-Swedish ownership and is present in 151 countries with more than 3,400 visa application centres.


PAYBACK India Eyes Partnerships in Consumer Segments

In active discussions with brands in Neighbourhood grocery, Food-delivery, Cab hailing, OTT & streaming media, Quick-Service-Restaurants, online travel tech and Wallets, among others

PAYBACK has seen shopping ticket size values for members at 45%-55% higher compared to non-members and buying frequency grown multi-fold

PAYBACK India, the country’s largest multi-brand loyalty program, this year, plans to strengthen its partner network multi-fold and is in talks with numerous high-frequency transaction segments. As part of the overall strategy, PAYBACK will also be focusing to step up its member base, which is already at over 100 million and create deep engagement with members, leading to business growth and customer loyalty.

Talking about the expansion plans for PAYBACK in 2020, Gautam Kaushik, MD & CEO, PAYBACK India, says, “With a focus on increasing the engagement frequency of our members and see new enrolments on the loyalty platform, we are looking at high-frequency transaction segments and are in active discussions with brands in Neighbourhood grocery, Food-delivery, Cab hailing, OTT & streaming media, Quick-Service-Restaurants, online travel tech and Wallets, among others. This will increase the partner network and deepen customer engagement.”

He further added, “We are going to make a slew of announcements on this front in the coming quarters. PAYBACK generally brings on board the top two to three merchants across categories.”

As part of measurable metrics to track effectiveness of a loyalty program, PAYBACK has seen shopping ticket size values for members at 45%-55% higher compared to non-members. Moreover, the buying frequency of members have grown multi-fold and loyalty points redemptions increased in 2019 as consumers beat slowdown by encashing deals to make shopping pocket-friendly.

Mr. Gautam Kaushik MD & CEO, commented“An integrated loyalty program that focusses on providing a delightful experience and leverages consumer insights could account for 50-60% of the overall sales of the retail brand, which has been amply demonstrated in many of the PAYBACK brand partnerships.”

 Having been in the Indian market for a decade, and GMV exceeding ₹1-lakh crore, PAYBACK continues to achieve profitable growth for partners and for the program.


30 Minutes of Happiness Everyday, ONLY ON HOOQ

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In today’s Golden age of digital entertainment, we are spoiled for choice.  That said, we all seek shows and movies to connect with on a personal level. The home of Hollywood in India, HOOQ, brings you movies and shows sure to put a smile on your face. So, sit back, relax and enjoy these belly-laugh inducing comedies  exclusively on HOOQ.

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  2. 2 Broke Girls – Situational Comedy will tickle your sarcastic bones –Two young girls in their mid-20’s, living in a metropolitan city, struggling to make ends meet, even after working for 12 to 15 hours. Relatable, much? 2 Broke Girls is the survival bible for any fresh-out-of-college person trying to make it on their own. Watch this hilarious show to recover from the mundane and add a dash of enthusiasm to your spirit.
  3. Younger – The show that started #10YearChallenge –Haven’t we all been worried about turning 40 someday? Well, this show tells you exactly how to ‘un-forty’yourself. Don’t miss this comedy-drama as it is a go-to survival kit for the years that have gone by and for the years ahead.
  4. The Big Bang Theory –Is there any better way to watch favourite show than to re-binge it, at least 10 times? If you haven’t seen at least one episode of The Big Bang Theory, you need to drop everything you are doing, immediately, and start watching. From college days to getting married, most of us literally grew up with the show. If Sheldon can find his Amy, there is still hope for us. Unless you’re a Koothrappali.

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More Than a 100 Home-Chefs Now Associated with Homefoodi

Aims to start across top 10 cities of India in next 2 years & 5 Key Global Markets in next 5 years ~

Homefoodi, a Noida based e-commerce start-up known to provide authentic home-made food made by home chefs to their customers is currently having a successful run. With a significant increase in the number of Home chefs associated with Homefoodi, it has now touched the 150 mark.

Homefoodi is India’s 1st Mobile App for Authentic home-made food made by Home-Chefs in their Homes. Now associated with over 150 Home Chefs in Noida, the Mobile App offers access to the widest range of Home Food and Bakery products prepared by home chefs.

During the inception of Homefoodi, the company initiated a research across the Metro cities and met up with over 2000 respondents (Homemakers & Consumers) which indicated that over 10% of the Homemakers would be keen to start up a Home Kitchen if they had a platform that could address their challenges and help them do business in a professional way.

The consumer research further established the love for Home food with over 90% of the respondents preferring Home food over outside eating. As per the research, 97% of consumers rightly Trust Home food to be Healthy & Hygienic. Homefoodi thus joined the two insights to create a two-fold Mission of “Ghar-Ghar Start-Up” & “Healthy Nation”.

Homefoodi is a venture started by Narendra Dahiya and Dr. Mona Dahiya with a vision to help “Ghar Ki Lakshmi” to transform into “Bharat Ki Lakshmi”, thus empowering women by giving them a platform to work and earn from home.

Speaking at the association Narendra Singh Dahiya, Founder and Director, Homefoodi comments, “It gives us immense pride and joy to be associated with over 150 Home-chefs. Homefoodi is an initiative to empower every Home Maker to contribute towards Nation Building. We are thrilled that these Home Chefs can now create their own unique identity and reach out to countless customers at the comfort of their Homes”

Having a concrete expansion plan, Homefoodi plans to be present across the top 10 cities of India with over 1 lakh Home Chefs on their platform within the next 2 years. Starting from the grass-root level Homefoodi is climbing up its own way to triumph aiming to create India’s biggest self-employment chain by creating a Culture of Home Chefs through a mobile platform to earn from home being a Home Chef.

 “We are humbled with the encouraging response from consumers and we will end our 1st Year of Operations with over 1 Lakh Consumers. We currently have over 150 Home Chefs in Noida with us and have already received over 500 New Registrations from Home Chefs in Noida alone. Every Day we are getting over 20 new submissions” he further added.

With a vision to unite the world through localized home food, Homefoodi plans to be present in 5 key Global Markets in the next 5 years.


Suresh Khatanhar appointed as Deputy MD of IDBI Bank

Shri Suresh Khatanhar has taken charge as IDBI Bank’s Deputy Managing Director on January 15, 2020, for a period of 3 years. Prior to his role as DMD, he was associated with IDBI Bank as an Executive Director heading Mid Corporate Group and Trade Finance. He has been with IDBI Bank for a span of 22 years, wherein he was responsible for managing varied aspects of commercial banking.  Prior to joining IDBI Bank in 1997, he was associated with Dena Bank.

Shri Suresh Khatanhar holds a Masters of Commerce (M.Com) degree from the University of Mumbai, and is also a Certified Associate from the Institute of Cost & Works Accountant of India (AICWA), and Certified Associate of the Indian Institute of Bankers (CAIIB).

With a cumulative experience of 35 years, Shri Suresh Khatanhar’s portfolio is diversified into commercial banking environments such as Retail Banking Business, Priority Sector Lending, Corporate Banking (Mid corporate and Large corporate), service oriented functions such as Trade Finance, Risk Management, Audit Management, Compliance, Credit Management & Monitoring and other facets of commercial banking.


Dhara Celebrates #WomenOfChange through Digital Videos

~The all-new digital campaign will narrate extra-ordinary stories of ordinary women from across all walks of life through a series of videos~

Dhara, India’s leading edible oil brand, is all set to showcase extra-ordinary stories of ordinary women amongst us, through its new digital campaign #WomenOfChange. The new campaign comprises of a series of digital videos of women who have, along with their daily chores, managed to find time for themselves and their subdued passions. The overall intent is to bring to limelight such extraordinary stories that are often talked about all around us, but do not get the attention that they deserve.

The #WomenOfChange campaign has been conceptualised by Dhara and is being executed in co-ordination with Mixed Route Juice.

Talking about the new campaign, Mr. Sanjeev Giri, Business Head – Dhara, Mother Dairy Fruit & Vegetable Pvt. Ltd., said, “In today’s times, work and personal life are mostly mashed together in a blur of activities and 24-hours suddenly become too less to find out one’s purpose and calling. This campaign is a testament to those women who have not only succeeded in their work and personal lives but have also followed their passion, balancing everything in just the right manner. The all new campaign is our effort to encourage such women across all walks of life and inspire them to do more in a day and pursue the things they love.”

The video-led campaign will introduce one video every month on Dhara’s digital pages including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube, featuring one woman at a time and will cover different scenes entailing various scenarios of her life and how they have managed time for their passions despite the hectic daily routine they have to go by.

Mr. Giri further added, “We have seen women constantly juggling between roles, leaving out the things they love doing the most and yet there are many astonishing ordinary lives with extra-ordinary stories within them. The new initiative is an extension to our umbrella positioning of ‘Zara Sa Badlaav’, as these videos of ordinary women will encourage others to dig deep and search for their true calling, thereby invoking a change within.”

The first video of the all-new digital series can be viewed at:


Brand: Dhara Edible Oils (Mother Dairy Fruit & Vegetable Pvt. Ltd.)

Digital agency: Mixed Route Juice

Co-Founder and Creative Head: Amrita Sharma


List of Nominations in all 24 categories in Oscars 92nd Annual Ceremony

Nominations in all 24 categories Oscar highlighting the year’s best in the film were unveiled early on Monday in Los Angeles ahead of the 92nd Annual Ceremony.
Oscar nominations were announced by Issa Rae and John Cho.


Best Picture

“Ford v Ferrari”

“The Irishman”

“Jojo Rabbit”


“Little Women”

“Marriage Story”


“Once Upon a Time in Hollywood”


Best Director

Quentin Tarantino, “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood”

Sam Mendes, “1917”

Todd Phillips, ”Joker”

Martin Scorsese, “The Irishman”

Bong Joon Ho, “Parasite”

Best Actress

Scarlett Johansson, “Marriage Story”

Charlize Theron, “Bombshell” 

Cynthia Erivo, “Harriet”

Renée Zellweger, “Judy”

Saoirse Ronan, “Little Women”

Best Actor

Leonardo DiCaprio, “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood”

Antonio Banderas, “Pain & Glory”

Adam Driver, “Marriage Story”

Joaquin Phoenix, “Joker”

Jonathan Pryce, “The Two Popes”

Best Supporting Actress

Kathy Bates, “Richard Jewell”

Laura Dern, “Marriage Dtory”

Scarlett Johansson, “Jojo Rabbit

Florence Pugh, “Little Women”

“Margot Robbie, “Bombshell”

Best Supporting Actor

Al Pacino, “The Irishman”

Joe Pesci, “The Irishman”

Brad Pitt, “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood”

Anthony Hopkins, “Two Popes”

Tom Hanks, “A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood”

Best Original Screenplay

“Knives Out”

“Marriage Story”


“Once Upon a Time in Hollywood”


Best Adapted Screenplay

“The Irishman” 

“Jojo Rabbit”


“Little Women” 

“Two Popes”

Best Production Design


“The Irishman”

“Jojo Rabbit”

“Once Upon a Time in Hollywood”


Best Costume Design

“The Irishman”

“Jojo Rabbit”


“Little Women”

“Once Upon a Time in Hollywood”

 Best Original Score


“Little Women”


“Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker”

Best Original Song

“I Can’t Let You Throw Yourself Away” (“Toy Story 4″) — Randy Newman

″(I’m Gonna) Love Me Again” (“Rocketman”) — Elton John & Bernie Taupin

“I’m Standing With You” (“Breakthrough”) — Diane Warren

“Into the Unknown” (“Frozen 2″) — Robert Lopez & Kristen Anderson-Lopez

“Stand Up” (“Harriet”) — Joshuah Brian Campbell & Cynthia Erivo

Best Film Editing

“Ford v Ferrari” 

“The Irishman” 

“Jojo Rabbit”



Best Sound Editing

“Ford v Ferrari”



“Once Upon a Time in Hollywood”

“Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker”

Beat Sound Mixing


“Ad Astra”

“Ford v Ferrari”


“Once Upon a Time in Hollywood” 

Best Cinematography


“The Irishman”


“The Lighthouse”

“Once Upon a Time in Hollywood”

Best Makeup and Hairstyling





“Maleficent: Mistress of Evil”

Best International Feature Film

“Pain & Glory” (Spain)

“Parasite” (South Korea) 

“Corpus Christi” (Iceland)

“Les Misérables” (France)

“Honeyland” (North Macedonia) 

Best Animated Feature

“How To Train Your Dragon: A Hidden World” 

“Toy Story 4” 


“I Lost My Body”

“Missing Link”

Best Documentary Feature

“American Factory”

“The Cave”

“The Edge of Democracy” 

“For Sama”


Best Live Action Short Film


“Nefta Football Club” 

“The Neighbors’ Window” 


“A Sister”

 Best Animated Short Film


“Hair Love”




Best Visual Effects

“Avengers: Endgame”

“The Irishman”

“The Lion King” 

“Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker”


Don’t forget to watch the biggest night in Hollywood.  
92nd Academy Awards
 will be aired live on Star Movies,10th February morning at 5:30 am in India.


Parle Products presents – Parle Milk Shakti: Putting an end to milk-battles

Parle Products, India’s leading manufacturer of biscuits and confectionery has launched an engaging campaign featuring three ad films for its biscuit brand – Milk Shakti. The campaign depicts the age-old battle of child versus glass of milk. This plays out every morning at breakfast tables across the country, with the mother playing the role of an enforcer. As each generation gets smarter with their milk avoidance tactics, Parle Milk Shakti coheres that sweet spot between mother, child and milk.

Commenting on the campaign, Mayank Shah, Senior Category Head, Parle Products said, “This campaign addresses every mother’s greatest worry – how to get her child to drink milk. Interestingly, while milk is part of folklore in every part of the country, there is a milk tale unique to every region, be it Patna or Puducherry. In this campaign we have captured the regional idiom. Which is why the regional campaign precedes the national rollout of the campaign. Fortified with seven vitamins and two minerals, Parle Milk Shakti is every parent’s answer to managing their child’s nutritional requirements in a smarter way.”

thought blurb, the creative agency behind the Milk Shakti campaign, has conceptualised these engaging TVCs in Hindi and other regional languages to showcase the unique mother-child-milk triangle. The films strike a chord with all of us because they are inspired by familiar scenes from every household – mothers dealing with milk-tantrums, cheeky responses from the child and children in a hurry to grow up.  But what truly brings the films alive are the catchy local phrases, and cultural nuances that makes them enjoyable, and creates a strong connection with the region. The campaign will be launched digitally and on television.

Vinod Kunj, CCO & Managing Partner, thought blurb said, “We didn’t have to look far for inspiration for this campaign, because milk-battles are a struggle we’ve all lived through. Playing around with regional flavours allowed us to create films that resonate in every part of the country. They are catchy, they are fun, they celebrate the mischief of the child and sympathise with the parent’s concerns. At the end of the day, Parle Milk Shakti is a win-win for both parents and children, and that’s exactly what our films establish.”

Keeping the brand message intact, Parle Products has been constantly changing the way it interacts with the consumers, the latest being interacting massively through social media channels. By adapting to changing times and digitalization, Parle has set an example of effective brand-consumer relationship through various campaigns.

The 3 ad films can be viewed here:

  1. Parle Milk Shakti | Doodh Se Dosti (Hindi)

  1. Parle Milk Shakti | Chaap Niyo Na (Bengali)

  1. Parle Milk Shakti | Gada Gada Mada Mada (Tamil)


FSM receives a high rating at EduResources Star Ratings 2020

FSM was awarded six out of seven stars across various parameters

Furtados School of Music (FSM), the pioneer of standardized music education in India, has been highly rate at the inaugural EducationWorld India Eduresources Star Ratings 2020. The school was awarded six stars out of seven under the parameters of Program Quality, User Interface Design, Impact Assessment and Innovation.

“Our goal at FSM is to provide quality music education to anyone who wants to learn. Our journey started 9 years ago, and we have come a long way since. Our efforts have been recognized by principals, students and parents, so it gives us immense pleasure to receive such a high rating” said Tanuja Gomes, Co-Founder and Co-CEO of FSM.

The ratings were awarded by a sample of knowledgeable respondents comprising promoters, principals and teachers of India’s top-ranked K-12 schools and higher education institutions who were polled by EducationWorld through an online survey. The nationwide survey invited educators to rate (on a star scale of 1-7) over 60 education products and services across a wide range of categories on seven parameters. The purpose of the inaugural EW India Eduresources Star Ratings 2020 was to aid preschool, school, higher education institutional managements to make informed education products and services investment decisions to improve teaching standards and students’ learning outcomes.


WATConsult elevates Heeru Dingra as Chief Executive Officer (CEO) 

Rajiv Dingra will now be the Chief Mentor and Advisor for WATConsult

WATConsult, the globally awarded hybrid digital agency from the house of Dentsu Aegis Network, today announces leadership changes. Starting February 1, 2020 Heeru Dingra will be the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the agency and Rajiv Dingra the current CEO shall move on to the role of Chief Mentor and Advisor for WATConsult.

Heeru, who is currently the CHRO & CFO, will now have a new role and an expanded set of responsibilities, overlooking the entire executive duties of the agency. In the last 9 years of her journey at WATConsult, Heeru has played a vital role in building a team of 400+ people and managing the day to day activities. She will continue to report to Dentsu Aegis Network India CEO, Mr. Anand Bhadkamkar.

The newly created roles play an essential part in the agency’s vision towards growth and expansion in the coming years.

Speaking on her new role and responsibilities, Heeru Dingra says, “I am truly honoured to lead WATConsult – a globally awarded hybrid digital agency full of talented people, and brilliant brands. Looking forward to work closely with our exceptional senior leadership team, along with Rajiv, our Chief Mentor & Advisor. Together, we will capture the next waves of growth for WATConsult by remaining laser-focused on serving our clients, delivering long term growth and value creation, and providing the best career experiences for our people.”

Commenting on Heeru’s appointment, Anand Bhadkamkar said, “Heeru has been an integral part of WATConsult’s growth story. She has led the agency alongside Rajiv in the capacity of CFO and CHRO and has an intimate understanding of this business. She works very closely with the leadership team at the Agency and across DAN and is uniquely positioned to take on the role of Chief Executive Officer at WATConsult. I am excited to have Heeru lead WATConsult on its next phase of growth alongside Rajiv, who now takes charge as the agency’s Chief Mentor & Advisor.”

“After leading WATConsult for the last 13 years, it’s time I move on to a new phase in this journey,” Rajiv Dingra said.  “This new role would allow me to help guide the team in crafting an ambitious vision and would also allow the team at WATConsult to scale up in newer roles and achieve their own personal growth.”


Varun Dhawan Sweats It Out while Kajol shares her Resolutions on TikTok  

Look who is TikTok’ing! Some of Bollywood’s most loved actors- Varun DhawanKajol Devgan and Anupam Kher are now a part of the fun community on TikTok, the world’s leading destination for short-form mobile videos. All the actors have received a warm welcome by their fans and are actively engaging with the creator community on the platform.

The versatile actor, Varun Dhawan has been connecting with his fans by posting fun and quirky videos on the platform. The heart-throb has given his viewers a sneak peak into his gym routine, shared some inspiring messages and also rapped in one of his videos!

Anupam Kher’s first TikTok video, where he announces that he has joined the platform, amassed close to 32 million views. Anupam Kher brings a dosage of fun, quirky and motivational videos and has even given his viewers a sneak peak of his gym routine on TikTok!

Kajol Devgan has shared her New Year Resolution and has also got Ajay Devgan in the video to share his resolution with the user community on TikTok.

All the three actors in their introduction videos expressed their excitement to join and engage with the TikTok community.

Varun DhawanAnupam Kher and Kajol joins the list of popular celebrities such as Deepika PadukoneShilpa Shetty KundraMadhuri Dixit NeneRiteish DeshkmukhSidharth MalhotraJacqueline FernandezChris GayleJustin BieberWill SmithDJ Bravo and DJ Snake, who have joined TikTok to engage and connect with their fans.

TikTok is the world’s most popular destination for creating and sharing short-form mobile videos. TikTok’s mission to inspire creativity and spread joy, directly from the handheld device, by enabling everyone to be a creator.



Monster Energy welcomes cricketer Hardik Pandya to the team

Hardik Pandya joins Formula One champion Lewis Hamilton and MotoGP legend Valentino Rossi as part of the Monster Energy Drink family

Global energy drinks brand Monster Energy has partnered with its first cricketer globally, Indian all-rounder, Hardik Pandya. Hardik will be the new face of the brand in India. He is not only known for his aggression on the cricket field, but also for his unabashed confidence and irreverent attitude off the field. With this association, Monster Energy aims to further inspire the youth of India to become fierce, powerful and self – confident. Hardik will be the first Indian athlete to be signed by the brand.

The brand has teamed up with some of the world’s most accomplished sports personalities to inspire the rising passion for action sports and motorsports across disciplines. These include Ultimate Fighting Championship Superstar, Conor McGregor, MotoGP Legend, Valentino Rossi, 6x Formula One World Champion, Lewis Hamilton, and 6x X-Games gold medalist Jackson Strong, the recent feature in a major video campaign with Monster Energy in India. The brand has also on-boarded a classic mix of sporting heroes pushing boundaries and testing limits in their chosen disciplines.

Hardik Pandya commented, “I’m delighted to be a part of the Monster Energy family. I have always believed in living my passion and following my dream, which is what motivates me to approach every day with the same zeal, energy and fearlessness.”

“I’m glad that Monster Energy also stands for the same philosophy through their collaboration with other sportspersons, which I admire. I look forward to this exciting and cool association,” added Pandya, who is managed exclusively by IMG-Reliance.

John Ludeke, Senior Director of Marketing, Asia said, “Hardik’s supercharged personality and athleticism embody the Monster Energy ethos. With his fearless attitude and aggressive style, he is pushing the boundaries of world cricket which makes him a great fit for the Monster Energy brand.”

For more information please visit


Lex Sportel partners with Hero Motocrop for Dakar Rally


Lex Sportel has partnered with Hero MotoCorp, the world’s largest manufacturer of motorcycles and scooters, for the exclusive broadcast of the Dakar Rally in India on DSPORT Channel.

Motorsports enthusiasts in India will now get a chance to catch a 30-minutes daily highlights package on DSport at 10.30 pm IST every day between January 11-17, as well as two weekly highlights.

Mr. R C Venkateish, MD, Lex Sportel, said, “We are delighted to have Hero MotoCorp as our Title Broadcast Partner, and this association has enabled us to bring the Dakar Rally to motorsports fans in India. This is the world’s most grueling rally raid and I am sure this broadcast will go a long way in building a new fan base in the country by providing them access to Dakar action.”

Hero MotoSports Team Rally – the motorsports team of Hero MotoCorp – has become a flag-bearer of Indian Motorsports in the global arena, since its formation in 2016. The Team has registered impressive performances across the globe and has been a regular participant at the Dakar Rally since 2017.

Hero MotoSports Team is participating in Dakar 2020 with four riders, a first – 2019 Pan Africa Rally winner – Joaquim Rodrigues, Indian Ace rider – CS Santosh, Former World Rally Champion – Paulo Goncalves, and the latest addition – Sebastian Buhler (who replaced the injured Oriol Mena).

More than 550 competitors covering nearly 7900 km of varying terrain, including desert, canyons, dunes and mountains, throughout Saudi Arabia are participating in the 42nd edition of the Dakar Rally.

The Rally has completed the first week of this year’s edition and will commence Stage 7 of 12 overall stages on January 12, 2020.

Telecast Schedule on DSPORT

Day Date Time   Day Date Time

1st Airing



Day 1 11 January 2020 10:30 pm   Day 1 12 January 2020 10pm
Day 2 12 January 2020 10:30pm   Day 2 13 January 2020 10pm
Day 3 13 January 2020 10:30pm   Day 3 14 January 2020 10pm
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Madhya Pradesh Tourism Board witnessed massive response at SATTE 2020

—27th edition of SATTE 2020 (South Asian Travel and Tourism Exchange) —

8th to 10th January 2020 New Delhi: Being one of the economically rising states of incredible India, Madhya Pradesh Tourism Board participated in SATTE 2020 to educate and highlight growth in the tourism sector held at India Expo Mart, Greater Noida, Delhi – NCR from 8th to 10th January. This year, the exhibition has witnessed a tremendous response from the industry with participation from over 1000 exhibitors and representation from over 50 countries and cities from across India.

The three-day expo witnessed several exciting partnerships and announcements that promised to predict in new trends of the industry. It provided a platform for all stakeholders in the tourism and hospitality industries to interact and transact business opportunities.

As Quoted by Mr. Faiz Ahmed Kidwai IAS, Secretary Tourism, Govt of Madhya Pradesh and Managing Director, Madhya Pradesh Tourism Board said, “Madhya Pradesh is among the most exciting tourist destination in the country and has immense potential for the growth of inbound tourism. We are creating new opportunities and initiatives to promote the state and its rich cultural, natural and architectural heritage and its traditions and history. This year MP has bagged an excellent response with market leaders increasing their stall size with information driven approach for attendees. Globally, travel trade fairs are considered important annual opportunities for face-to-face meetings and networking among buyers and sellers.”

The exhibition saw top-notch, industry influencers, travel enthusiasts, corporate, business heads, travel operators and media professionals from different corners of the country, which came to visit MP stall, exchanging views and opinions on newly developed facilities & services by Madhya Pradesh Tourism.

The Madhya Pradesh Tourism Board has recently won 10 National Tourism Awards and the state has also been listed among the top 3 “Best Value Destination” of the world by Lonely planet- Travel guide book. Madhya Pradesh Government has identified tourism as one of the leading sectors for developments and aims to promote MP as an attractive destination for both domestic and international travellers. There is a sustained focus on infrastructure development, restoration of heritage sites, development of natural reserves and biodiversity, promotion of sustainable and responsible tourism as well as rural tourism.

The forthcoming major exhibitions in which the Madhya Pradesh Tourism Board will be participating to continue with trade networking are the OTM Mumbai, BTM Siliguri, ITM Ahmedabad with an objective to provide a platform for interaction with domestic and international buyers. Besides these, “Madhya Pradesh Travel Mart (MPTM)”, “Mandu Utsav” and “Jal Mahotsav” are annual events which are very popular amongst the trade people and tourists respective.


As the temperature takes a dip, joint pain elevates high

Contributed by Dr. Ravi Kelkar, Consultant Orthopaedics, Columbia Asia Hospital Hebbal

With the mercury dropping down and the temperatures turned low, it marks the beginning of hot beverages, warm clothes, cosy beds, lazy days in the blanket, some cold and cough, and revival of joint pains. In the cold weather, joints are likely to pain more than they usually do. This occurs more so for people with arthritis or those who happen to have a precursor to arthritis. Many people complain of stiff joints during cold weather particularly when they first make a movement.

The winter weather makes the muscles lose more heat and contract which creates a tightness through the body. Hence, ligaments and joints get stiffer, muscles lose their range of motion and nerves can be easily compressed especially in elderly people or those with injuries specifically under the belt area. The temperature dip forces the muscles to work harder, leading to some damage to the muscle tissue and increased soreness. Experts also explain that when the weather is cold, the body usually conserves heat and sends more blood to the organs in the center of the body like the heart or the lungs. This makes the blood vessels of the arms, legs, shoulders, and knee joints to tighten. The reduced blood flow further makes the joints cold and stiff, leading to pain and discomfort. Some also say that when the weather is cold or damp, barometric pressure changes causing an inflammatory response in the joints, due to changes in blood circulation and nerve fiber sensitivity.

The pain is most likely to occur in weight-bearing joints and the major joints of the body like the knees, hips, and ankles. The people who run more in the outside cold weather also get more affected.

Some factors that lead to joint pains during cold weather include:

  • Lesser the temperature, more the hard work put in by the muscles and more the pain.
  • Alteration in the barometric pressure which can make the body tissue expand and increase the stress on the joints.
  • Sensitivity also increases during cold and so more pain especially if a person suffers from rheumatoid arthritis.
  • Reduced physical activity and decreased exercise which leads to muscle stiffness.
  • Joints also tend to have less elasticity in the cold but when warmed up, they stretch better.


While experiencing stiffness and pain during winters is an extremely common occurrence, it is not very difficult to avoid it. The basic is to keep yourself warm, not just by lying inside a blanket but also by sufficient physical activity. Some ways of keeping yourself warm to avoid joint pains could be:

  • Before you set out for exercising in the cold, you must do a proper warm-up and stretch which is generally longer than the warm-up you do in summer temperatures. This will open up your muscles, make them more flexible before you get exercising and prevent further stiffness as well.
  • Even during pauses or breaks in your run or during your exercise routine, ensure to implement dynamic movements to keep yourself warm and agile otherwise your joints and muscles can begin to feel stiff during those breaks as the body temperature goes down.
  • Not just warm-up, a proper cool down to let your body experience the correct intensity is equally important. This also aids the reduction of tightening in the muscles which might occur after exercising.
  • If the weather is extremely chilly, avoid stepping out for a run or exercise. Alternatively consider exercising indoor but do not skip it, even if you do it for a lesser duration. Staying active is essential for better functioning of the muscles and joints. After a long duration of no activity, the soreness or pain tends to be more during that first movement you do but if you continue the movement, the muscles warm-up and won’t bind up so much. Exercising also improves the flow of blood and oxygen throughout the body.
  • If you still experience joint pain, despite a proper warm-up and cool-down inclusive exercising, visit an orthopedist or physical therapist to ensure there is no injury. Pain is not always a result of an injury; it could even be vice-versa where joint pain can lead to injuries. Not just that if stiffness of muscles is left unaddressed then that can cause injury too and worsen the situation.
  • Dress-up in layers and keep your body warm, protecting your skin and joints from outdoor cold exposure.
  • The often-missed point in the tightness of the muscles (especially in the upper body) is our posture. Instead of scrunching up over a period of time and further stiffening the muscles, it is important to lengthen your entire body, pulling it up, elongating your back, getting your shoulders down, and maintain a better posture. Doing shoulder rolls, neck rolls, and arm rolls while working long hours sitting also helps.
  • If someone is an arthritic patient, then they are likely to experience more weakness, hence reduce movement and so more soreness. They must work to strengthen their arthritic or stiff joints even before winter arrives and constantly work on them.

Regional Music Consumption Hit A 3 Year High in 2019

  • Punjabi, Tamil, Telugu and Malayalam music ruled music streaming charts in 2019 
  • Regional music now contributes more than 35% consumption on Gaana
  • India’s music streaming market to grow to 600 million users in the next 3 years 

India’s No.1 music streaming app, Gaana’s annual report on the country’s music consumption trends registered an unprecedented demand for regional music. This genre accounted for more than 1 Bn music streams in Dec 2019, registering an incredible (8X) growth in the past 2.5 years – making regional music the most vibrant and potent genre in the country’s audio OTT market.

Currently regional music accounts for more than 35% OTT music consumption, with more than half of all users of regional music coming from smaller cities. Given the rising popularity of Punjabi, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu and Malayalam music across the country, the country’s audio OTT market is expected to grow to 600 million users in the next 3 years, buoyed by the surging interest in regional music consumption. Gaana Originals, Gaana’s initiative to promote regional non-film music also saw a sharp jump and now contributes more than 100 MN streams per month. The most notable song amongst the Gaana Originals was Lehanga by Jas Manak that topped all charts in 2019 and crossed 115 Mn streams on Gaana.

Commenting on the year gone by, Gaana CEO Prashan Agarwal said: “2019 was a landmark year for music lovers, artists and the industry in more ways than one. The meteoric rise in regional music consumption across the nation marks one of the biggest cultural shifts in perception of music in the past decade. As established and emerging musical artists across the country realised the growing importance of music streaming apps to reach their fans at scale in their own language, our primarily young music streaming population are embracing their respective cultures and are ‘going back to their roots’. It’s no longer ‘uncool’ to groove to music from your own region or culture, it’s rather the ‘in’ thing to have a playlist featuring music in multiple languages. At Gaana, we are humbled to be at the centre of this vibrant blend of cultures, powering these musical connections that celebrates our country’s unity and diversity.”

Besides the rising interest in regional music, the most popular music artists of 2019 were Tanishk Bagchi, Arijit Singh and Neha Kakkar for most of the northern and western states, whereas Punjab and Haryana had regional artistes like Jas Manak, Diljit Dosanjh, Guru Randhawa, Sukh-E Muzical Doctorz and B Praak winning hearts. Down South, Telangana favored Devi Sri Prasad, Sid Sriram and S. P. Balasubrahmanyam; Tamil Nadu prefered A. R. Rahman, Anirudh Ravichander and Tamizha while Kerala was grooving to A. R. Rahman, Arijit Singh and Shreya Ghoshal. In terms of music preferences, Tanishq Bagchi’s Tere Bin, DSP’s Ek Baar, A.R Rehman’s Thalli Pogathey, Guru Randhawa’s Ishare Tere, Arijit Singh’s Ve Maahi and Neha Kakkar’s Aankh Marey were the most popular hits across the country.


SPS Steel sees Rs 25 crore profit before tax after takeover

SPS Steels Rolling Mills Limited is looking at a profit before tax to the tune of Rs 25 crores for the fiscal 2019-2020 nine months after its takeover by the Shakambhari Group.

Last fiscal SPS steel that ran into red, already now has a profit before tax of around Rs 19.5 crore by the end of third quarter and is looking at a figure of Rs 25 crore by the end of the financial year in comparison to the losses of -5 cr in the financial year 2018-19.

“The expected turnover for the SPS will be a rise of 200 per cent from Rs 480 crores to approximately RS 900 crores for the financial year 2019-20. The company aspires to achieve the turnover of 1500 crores in the financial year 2020-21. The Shakambhari Group’s aggregated turnover is targeted at 3000 crores for the financial year 2019-20 and in the fiscal year 2020-21, the group is aiming to achieve a turnover of 4000 crores.

We have a vision of a green environment in this sector. It is with this vision that we are in the process of installing a captive power plant that will improve production efficiency, bring cost control, reduce carbon foot print and create zero waste,” said Mr Deepak Kumar Agarwal, CMD, Shakambhari Group.

He further added, “The mother company plans to invest another Rs 150 to Rs 200 crore in the coming fiscal while tidying up the meaningless expenditures. Our expansion process includes a steel melting shop that will help us reach around 3 lakh TPA from one lakh TPA.” The group has taken serious measures for modernization of the plant and is in negotiation for foreign collaborations for technology upgradation. Set of positive measures are being injected into the system for further enhancement of the quality, increase and maximize its productivity aided by cost reduction, reducing carbon print and creating a zero waste plant.

“There has been an increase in manpower generating further employment. The figures have risen by 20 per cent resulting in employment of 340850 man-days in permanent, casual and tertiary employment,” said Mr Deepak Kumar Agarwal, CMD, Sakhambhari Group.

Mr. Ankit Mittal, VP, Business Development, Sakhambhari Group said that SPS Steel is aggressively penetrating into the market. “We have added more than 200 dealers in West Bengal alone and are looking to grab around 15 per cent share of this segment by the end of the financial year. We have started to penetrate in Jharkhand, Bihar, Odhisa and North East as well as in North Indian markets. We are moving in the direction to make ELEGANT STEEL a pan India brand, while looking into opportunities of setting up manufacturing facilities in South, North and Western part of the country.”

SPS Steel annual production of last year amounting to 96000 TPA will be 1.75 lakh TPA by the end of the fiscal showing marked growth in production capacity also. By 2020-21, the production is expected to reach 3 LTPA. The Shakambhari Group will be producing its premium QST bars from their other facilities also.

Being a responsible corporate citizen, Shakambhari Group has undertaken various community welfare activities under its CSR activities like distribution to tri-cycles for physically challenged persons, installation of water filter cum purifier with water cooler for drivers, workers and local citizens, school Bag and tiffin distribution to the local school kids, blanket distribution to the need ones.


Schindler India Bags Grow Care India Safety CSR Award

~ Leading escalator and elevator brand Schindler India wins the Grow Care India Safety CSR Award for their CSR Program
“Fulfill Futures” ~

Leading brand of escalator and elevator, Schindler India’s CSR program “Fulfill Futures” wins the ‘Grow Care India Safety & CSR Awards 2019’ under the Gold category. The award was received by Ms. Shubha Arora – Chief Peoples Officer, Schindler India & South Asia along with the team at the award ceremony which was held in December 2019 at India International Centre, New Delhi.

Schindler’s Corporate Social Responsibility program “Fulfill Futures” assures a positive impact to the communities in which we live and operate. The program is focussed on supporting sustainable initiatives for the construction and rural communities to bring about positive developments to the extended circle of influence of the business. Schindler believes that the ability to give back to the society for larger interest is what will make all the difference in the years to come.

Commenting on the occasion, Ms. Shubha Arora – Chief Peoples Officer, Schindler India & South Asia said, “Schindler India believes that lack of education through social and economic disadvantage is the greatest barrier to equal opportunity. Our CSR Program “Fulfill Futures”, focuses on bringing about positive change through various initiatives. Education being the key area is focused among all the programs. We are glad to receive this prestigious award and we assure to work towards fulfilling futures of our society to support and improve the quality of education through the organisation’s various initiatives.” 


Introducing ‘MissMalini Trending’ For Digital Influencers And Creators

MissMalini proudly launches MissMaliniTrending – A Social Media News Desk at an upscale Juhu outlet. The beloved blog’s first-ever news desk will feature digital influencers and experts in all their glory. The pioneer of Indian lifestyle blogging, MissMalini is a multi-media and multi-platform content portal with over 10 million unique monthly followers across platforms.

Malini Agarwal, Founder and Creative Director MissMalini opines, “MissMalini is delighted to introduce MissMalini Trending. This platform will feature your favourite digital superstars. Today, everyone wants to know what they wear, whom they date, what they eat, etc. I think these creators have a huge impact on the millennials in our nation. They also face immense pressure to live up to their image. A lot of work goes into keeping up with the perfect image that they put forth on the internet. This platform recognizes their work and motivates them to keep flourishing on social media.”

In today’s world of social media, a digital influencer occupies the space of a Bollywood celebrity. Gaining popularity on platforms such as YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram, they have managed to position themselves as leaders and role models of the internet generation. They have become an integral part of the modern youth culture in India and play a fundamental role in shaping their personalities. This initiative works as a dossier to provide a personal account of all the creators enlisted on the page. The platform acknowledges their work and highlights any new developments and expansions made by them in their respective fields.

Malini Agarwal launched her blog perched on a couch in 2008. Taking the digital world by storm, MissMalini’s on the list of leading entertainment portals in India. MissMalini Entertainment supports emerging talent and uplifts fresh content creators. A productive digital space for new-comers, the company dedicates its efforts to guide up-coming influencers through their journey.

An influencer herself, she has taken several initiatives including Malini’s Girl Tribe to transform social media into a better place. She promotes positivity and spreading joy by eliminating trolls and shaming. Focusing efforts on building the women’s community, she contributes to associations such as the Women Innovation Entrepreneurship Foundation (WIEF) and We the Women by attending events organized by them. Empowering women and making a difference has always been centric to the celebrated blogger.


Showcase your personality and create your own Holiday Diva Look!

Miraggio, a premium handbag brand has come up with a fascinating campaign to engross their audience in a fun activity and ensure their complete participation in the #TheHolidayDiva contest.

The campaign encourages the consumers to exhibit their creativity and amplify their brand engagement while getting a chance to win the luxurious bag. The contest is very simple where the participants need to follow some simple steps.

As part of the activity, the participants first need to follow Miraggio on their Instagram page @miraggiolife. Next they have to describe in one word what according to them is #TheHolidayDiva look on their post and finally tag the brand.

At the end, three lucky winners will be announced who will win free handbags from Miraggio. In addition to this, all the shopaholics can get a 10% off coupon on online purchase from the site. Besides this, there is an enticing opportunity for them to avail the 50% winter sale offer along with the 10% discount as the season sale is on board.

The campaign is garnering good response from the enthusiastic participants by capturing their attention on the social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, etc.

The contest will conclude on January 5, 2020. The clock is ticking, so, hurry and take part in the contest to be the lucky one.