“Arun Shourie Panics. Indian Muslims Don’t” Says Umar Shariff

Arun Shourie is seen panicking about the 2019 Elections, fearing that it could be the last elections to save democracy. In my view, if democracy is destined to be given a farewell, then no power can stop it. But if someone thinks that it will be replaced by the Hindu Rashtra, then that needs a lot of brainstorming.

Prophet Muhammad (sallallaahu ‘alaihi wasallam) has sowed the seeds of wisdom in the scholars of this Ummah (people). And the seeds have been bearing fruits and would remain until the day of judgment. Indeed, Islam will supersede all isms and dogmas. That’s the nature of Islam. It is bound to prevail. Like what an RSS lady once said in a conference: There’s no sword to fight Islam. She’s so right. The ideology and the impeccable social political economic structures laid out in the Islamic law is truly magnificently designed by the Master of the Day of Judgement – Allah. He is the One Who created this world and has given the law to govern the world, through His Last and the final Messenger Muhammad (peace be upon him). And that makes the Muslims as trustees over that which they are made to inherit. The Muslims in India will hold to their treaties and contracts, as long as the democratic system is restored. Muslim leaders have decided to live peacefully under the democratic system, as long as the system gives them the right and freedom to practise their religion. The day Democracy is uprooted in India, then get ready to see an avalanche. The Muslims worked to get the tricolour fly high in 1947. But if it is brought down, then they have no option but to either make peace with the unfolding system or to overcome it if it doesn’t recognise their religious freedom and rights.

On a safer side, just work to save the constitution of India. By the way, even if the Hindu Rashtra is established, it cannot sustain for two reasons:
1) The Hindu law based on Vedas, Upanishads, Manusmriti and Bhagavadgita cannot be applied in today’s times; for the Sati, Varnashra Dharma, Ashwamedha, Gomedha, Polyandry, Polygamy, Child marriages, Devadasis and other practices are abhorred by the Hindus themselves in our times. And they wouldn’t want it to be applied, and wouldn’t be keen on following the law books of the Hindu laws of the scriptures of the past generations.
2) If they don’t follow the Hindu scriptures while terming the nation to be a Hindu Rashtra, then that will expose their vacuous agenda that has nothing to materialise except fixing a name board for the nation.

A group wants to eliminate all that is not from India. If a fringe element in India wants to remove all the foreign principles from the Indian soil, then that’s a mission impossible. Today’s Indian Constitution is based on what the world cultures have evolved and given. Democracy from the Greek, Communism from Germany and Russia, Islam from Arabia, and laws from Indian civilisations have all been extracted and added in a law book. By the way, the Aryans themselves entered India from Central Asia. So even their books and ideas must be deemed foreign. If the people want to remove all the ideas that came from outside the today’s Indian outline border, then it’s a never-ending job. It’s like removing the coffee powder, sugar and milk from a cup of coffee, with a tablespoon and a straw. Failure is guaranteed.

So my dear Muslims in India, all that you have to do is, clean yourself from shirk and kufr – all the deviant isms and blasphemy. Pray 5 times Salaah – Prayers. Stay away from all haraam – forbidden things. And live to seek the pleasure of Allah. That will give you honour in this world and the hereafter.

Let Arun Shourie and the likes of him who shift parties every election be left to panic, while we think and ponder over why God has decreed such a thing on us. We just have to do the right thing, according to the times and situations. And not to forget, stay united – with Muslims and the peace-loving non-Muslims. Btw, even if India becomes a Hindu Rashtra, we Muslims know to live under that system too. We have guidelines to live under any un-Islamic system, and we are given guidelines to live under an Islamic system. Islam will never budge to anything. Visit the 50+ Muslim countries across the world, and the rest of the non-Muslim countries where the Muslims live complying or conflicting with the local systems. It’s a wake-up call for the Indian Muslims to realise that God doesn’t want us to be the carefree kind. You have a role to play in the construction and the development of your lands and countries. Our religion calls to observe the rights of Allah, and the rights of mankind. So Seek knowledge and educate the masses. Feed the poor and the needy. Keep your neighbourhood clean. Work for a lawful income. And cherish every moment. These are the things that would make us the people of khair – goodness. Let’s not get worked up unnecessarily over hyped up news. Think about your next prayers you need to attend in the neighbouring Masjid. And there lies our success. Jai Hind.

Written : Umar Sharif (President,DIET)