Startup of the Week: Swapnil Kamat’s Work Better an executive training providers

Swapnil3Work Better Training was founded in 2008 by Swapnil Kamat and Ruchira Karnik to deal with their own frustrations with corporate training. Swapnil having worked with L’Oreal and Ruchira with Elle Décor, both of them had been a part of a lot of executive training programs and realized that most of them were theoretical and boring in nature.

There was a huge disconnect between what was taught in the classroom and what was happening on the ground. Hence, the two of them co-founded Work Better Training, endeavouring to make corporate training programs more real, practical and implementable.

Journey so far

The journey so far has been amazing. With a humble beginning of working from the dining table at home and interviewing prospective employees at the coffee shop across the road, we have increased our employee strength and now have 3 offices in Mumbai and 1 in Goa. From training less than 5,000 professionals in 2008-09, we trained 55,000+ professionals in 2015-16.

Because of our dedication and hard work to every project we undertake, we have a strong client list of over 223 corporates from varied industries, some of them who have been partnering with us since the time we started operations. Even in terms of profitability, we are doing well.

The best part about the journey has been the fact that we have been able to make a real difference in people’s professional lives. At the end of a training session, when a participant comes and tells you that you inspired them to become a better version of themselves and that they are motivated to work harder, smarter and better, it gives you immense satisfaction.

Future plans

Our future plans are to stay focused on doing what we know well, execute brilliantly, and create a wow factor for our customers. In addition, we are diversifying our business in terms of different kinds of offerings within the learning & development space. We are looking at bringing in a lot of innovate technologies into this space.