OneRyder launches the first ever Bike Taxi service in Delhi

OneRyder1OneRyder, a seed funded startup established in 2015, launches the first of its kind Bike Taxi service in Delhi today. The on-demand transport service allows customers to hire a two wheeler Bike Taxi that comes with a dedicated driver in their vicinity. OneRyder was conceived by Rahul Gupta, a serial entrepreneur who also founded the IT companies ‘Skylogic Technologies Pvt. Ltd.’ and ‘Tech cabinet’ in his late teens. The Bike Taxi service aims to help commuters in Delhi reach their destination faster, safer and in a more economical way.

OneRyder works based on a mobile application that helps customers find and book a Bike Taxi on demand in their vicinity. It is a location based service that shows pillion riders the route of the journey, distance covered and corresponding fare generated. The company’s riders are equipped with two ISI certified helmets with hairnets (one for rider, one for pillion) and training in road safety, traffic rules & customer etiquettes. Safety is also one of the key focus areas for OneRyder. The app consists of a speeding regulator that notifies the operations team when a bike exceeds the 50 kmph speed limit. Consequently, strict action is taken against every rider who defies road safety rules adopted by OneRyder. Additional gear such as raincoats will be provided to customers in the monsoon season.

Rahul Gupta, Founder and CEO of OneRyder says, “I first got the idea of launching a Bike Taxi service when I visited Thailand a few years ago. Today, OneRyder has become a reality with over 70 riders on-board for our launch in Delhi and with a target of 200 riders joining our mission by the end of April. We also successfully raised seed funding of Rs. 50 lakhs earlier this year. At OneRyder, we aim to constantly find smart transportation solutions for commuters in traffic congested cities. The launch of operations in Delhi is a starting point for our company and we look forward to covering multiple markets in India through the course of the OneRyder journey.”

All rides of OneRyder will originate from Delhi and commuters can be dropped upto 15 kms from the borders of the city. OneRyder is available to all Android users in Delhi starting April 5.