MTV urges the youth, “Donate Karo. Phir Show Off Karo”


Ever paused to think why a desperate Facebook post or an urgent Whatsapp text seeking blood from a close friend/ relative is the only time we are triggered into action? It could be for anyone! His child, her mother, your grandfather or someone who doesn’t have a friend making these frantic calls on his or her behalf. Blood is not needed only in times of large scale tragedies or epidemics. On the contrary, it is needed every day by many undergoing various treatments, road accidents and so on. Every time you donate blood, you save not 1 but 3 lives. So, do your bit and donate blood now.


On World Blood Donor Day, MTV has created a quirky film to captivate youth’s attention citing reality through humor. The video showcases how a young boy enjoys flaunting his noble deed of donating blood for constant attention till someone gives him a reality check that it’s “NO BIG DEAL TO DONATE BLOOD.”  The aim of this film is to convey that it’s okay to brag about your acts but first, focus on performing them right rather than seeking attention.


MTV suggest, act and not parade, call 022 – 40500400 to donate your blood now!


Link to the video: