What happened to the Congress wave in Karnataka? Whom did the Muslim Minorities vote?

In my humble experience in this elections in Karnataka, there has been a lot of learning to take forward. I shall share them all here in’shaa’Allah.

As the elections were about 6 months or so, some intellectuals from among the Muslim community started making presentations across the state to make the attendees believe that a single party should be voted to fight the fascist forces – i.e BJP. The presentations were widely accepted by the Ulamaa and the intellectuals. So the single party that was seen to make a change in local and national level was the Congress. It was presumed that the Congress will smash the elections this time.

Others hoped for the Congress and the JDS to form alliance even before the elections. But the divide between Siddaramaiah and Kumaraswamy was not letting that happen due to ego clashes between them. So the majority of the community leaders felt that the best thing to do was to support the Congress. However, a lot of Ulamaa were not favouring the Congress alone. They went to say that we must bring the non-communal parties to power. And that was the message given to the masses. The masses have taken that suggestion in a huge way.

Yes, in this elections, the Muslim Minorities have voted for Congress and JDS too. They have been instrumental in electing the candidates to power. Even the constituencies where Kumaraswamy won – the Ramnagara and Channapatna were places where the Muslim Minorities stood by the JDS.

Although members like me favoured only Congress over other parties, since we believed JDS to be a threat due to their past alliance with the BJP to form the government, the people have done what they felt best in their local scenario. In fact, the masses have been very courageous in taking or leaving any suggestion, and rose above being spoon-fed, and have taken decisions based on their intellectual courage to make a difference to their lands. All in the interest of letting peace prevail between communities.

During all of this, BJP also got enough votes, since the alliance between Congress and JDS was not done Pre-elections. And they were able to win maximum constituencies, although their vote share turned out to be lesser than that of Congress’ vote share. And finally the twist of events surfaced when the BJP was not able to emerge as the single leader of the majority.

At this juncture, the kannadigas were at a full watch over what JDS was about to do. JDS proved itself by saying that they would accept to the proposal of the Congress leaders – both from the State and the National level, to allow the JDS form government with the support of the Congress. And Congress went ahead with all maturity to form a structure suitable for the current dynamics. Now that was not expected out of them in such a speedy manner. Yes, Siddaramaiah who had aspirations to come back to power, declined and said that he and his party members are letting the JDS to form the government and nominate the CM. And that was the real game changer. And the Congress and the JDS proved to the people of Karnataka that they are capable of forming an anti-BJP government, if they stand united.

All done well, but the Governor is a BJP man. Vajubai Vala, the current Governor, a man who was groomed by the RSS, and later served under the Modi Government in Gujarat, as the Finance Minister there, and later made the Governor of Karnataka, is showing his silent allegiance to the BJP by giving a week’s time for the BJP to show majority if they can possibly do. Now this is the strange U-turn in the whole process. In the past elections in Goa, Manipur and Meghalaya, where the Congress showed up with maximum winning candidates, but wasn’t successful in forming government, due to the BJP’s schematic moves to add the independent winners and other fringe groups to present itself as a leader of the majority. BJP was able to do that in the past. But when the same was tried by the Congress in Karnataka, the BJP’s CM candidate Yediyurappa is talking some law that is not written in the constitution. He says that according to his knowledge the majority winner must be given the preference to come to power. But he failed to understand that it was necessary to become the leader of the majority.

The Governor was supposed to just acknowledge the Leader of the Majority, H.D. Kumaraswamy, who appeared with 116 Candidates (may increase) and grant the powers to the leader to choose the CM for the state. But then, the Governor seems to have given a weeks time for the BJP party to show up with majority. And that’s not the general process when the majority is already formed and shown. BJP’s man – the Governor is all loyal to the party more than the constitution.

So let’s wait and watch the future turn of events. Would the Congress and the JDS accept the one week clause? Will the BJP end up buying the MLAs? That’s unknown for us mortals at the moment.

At the end of the day, we all congratulate the JDS and the Congress who have tried their bit to keep the communal forces away from climbing onto the throne. And for most of us who presumed the JDS to be an alliance to BJP, they have proved us wrong. And not to forget MIM, Asaduddin Owaisi who supported the JDS. We also show our thanks to him for supporting the JDS.

Yes, it’s a game of politics. Not static. Always changing colours. And we are what we are, according to the current times. Hope good sense prevails.

Before the elections I had wanted to see Siddaramaiah as the CM of Karnataka. And now, I want to see HD Kumaraswamy as the CM of Karnataka. Kya politics hai! Do I have options at all! Let’s hope for good governance through the new CM in’shaa’Allah.

A verse of the Qur’an for this occasion, from 81:29
‎وَمَا تَشَاءُونَ إِلَّا أَن يَشَاءَ اللَّهُ رَبُّ الْعَالَمِينَ

“And you do not will, except that Allah wills – Lord of the worlds.”

Man strives to do things according to his plan. But God’s plans are unsurpassable and always the best plan that mankind can never overcome.

– Writer:
Umar Shariff