Decoding Mind Batteries’ Startupreneur Series with Simarpreet Singh

Battery1Aimed at inspiring youth to think big, Mind Batteries rolled out Startupreneur Series. The series will feature top entrepreneurs and through this initiative Mind Batteries will also connect people with top entrepreneurs to gain access to opportunities such as funding, network, internships, mentorship etc.

Speaking exclusively to IndianMediaBook, Simarpreet Singh Founder and CEO Mind Batteires said, “Startupreneur Series is first of the many series that we will bring. This Series is inspired from the opportunities that internet is bringing and how entrepreneurs are changing the way we travel, eat, shop and live. We intend to capture complete journey of top entrepreneurs of the world in a fun, candid manner to inspire young people to think big.”

MindBatteries is an edutainment company which is focused on revolutionizing the way things are being taught. It works at intersection of valuable content and entertainment – Edutainment.

SimarjeetThe ideation

Singh believes that, in this digital age everyone who has access to internet should not only be fed with Candy Crush requests, memes, daily soaps and trolls. Internet can be used for a much bigger purpose, to empower people. Mindbatteries will not let the idiot box and junk content make people dumb.

“From very early on, I realized that education delivery is dry and I had to change it. I have seen so much interesting content being delivered at conferences and business schools, but all that is confined to four walls of a room (or an auditorium). Even though knowledge is power, it’s generally delivered in such a boring fashion that gossip reality shows seem more interesting”, expressed Singh.

The idea behind the Startupreneur Series is to provide valuable content to people which is not only educating but also entertaining(edutainment) to international audience. The Entrepreneurs featured in the series are selected on various factors such as their journey, story and impact they are creating on the world.

It is aiming towards engaging youth to learn and get inspiration, by showcasing the interviews of top entrepreneurs across the globe in a candid manner. Entrepreneurs will get the best interns, job seekers, ideas etc. In return, people will get access to opportunities.

The swag of Paytm CEO

The first episode of the series features Vijay Shekhar Sharma, CEO Paytm. The swag of Paytm CEO is a candid interview of Sharma, where he shared his journey from being a small town boy of Aligarh to building a billion dollar giant. The video contains all the elements of his journey such as emotion, drama, action, comedy and coding.

According to Singh, Sharma is amongst those people in the country who have made it big and have risen against all odds.

“He is a real life star whom people should know about. The man is moving India to a cashless economy via Paytm. The story of this giant needs to be told to the world”, opined Singh.

The story is indeed inspiring and as the series promised about the opportunity it has come up with Ideathon: Chase Your Dreams. It’s a contest where Sharma urging people to share their ideas with him. The best idea will get a funding of 1 crore and top 5 people with best idea will get a chance to meet Sharma personally to discuss their ideas.

Battery3Road ahead

The series will go on for next 6 months and will be completed in three phases. Currently its focusing on Indian youth between the age of 16-34, but its planning to reach out to international millennial in near future. After covering Indian entrepreneurs, it will focus on China and Silicon Valley.

“Mindbatteries has some major quizzes and conferences coming up in upcoming months. However, the major focus is on Startupreneur Series and making it international,” concluded Singh.