More than 80 years, the Levi’s® brand

 B60T4334For more than 80 years, the Levi’s® brand has obsessed over women’s denim. The brand that invented the original blue jean in 1873, created the first-ever blue jean for women back in 1934 and revolutionized women’s fashion forever.

While women’s jeans have evolved substantially in the last 80 years, the women who wearLevi’s® jeans today are just as unstoppable as those pioneering women who first donned Lady Levi’s® jeans.

This International Women’s Day, Levi’s® has dedicated the month of March to celebrate theunstoppable women who have shaped their world, on their own terms. A world in which she has made choices, broken rules, refused to give up on her dreams, and survived battles that would have broken most others.

Levi’s® has journeyed the length and breadth of India to capture the stories of a few such remarkable womenand arecelebrating their achievements.

India’s first and youngest village Sarpanch with an MBA degree, Chhavi Rajawat gave up a lucrative corporate jobto reshape the face of rural Rajasthan by serving her people. SapnaBhavnani has never been one to let hurdles in her life keep her from bouncing back; she comes out stronger and more determined to winevery time. Anjali Lama has had a remarkable journey from sashaying down the ramp at one of the top events on India’s fashion calendar,tosmashing a series of glass ceilings. Despite coming from outside a typical Bollywood clique, to now being on every celebrity’s speed-dial, the success story of Tanya Ghavri has been nothing short of meteoric. Huma Qureshi has spent her career challenging all possible Bollywood norms while still emerging a winner with every powerhouse performance. Mallika Dua has been making the world funnier one tweet and Dubsmash at a time, while Dilshad Master has never let cancer keep her from accomplishing anything she set her mind to. Bandana Tewari has made her mark as a sartorial narrator of fashion from Bombay to Bali, juggling work and motherhood with style no matter what life threw at her.

It is through these women’s’ stories, and thousands more like them across the country, that Levi’s best expresses its authenticity and commitment to shaping lives on a broader canvas.