*What does Nandhini want? Something Fishy…* “Writer: Umar Shariff, Director MPJR

We heard two days ago in the media, of an Animal Activist named Nadhini being manhandled by a mob in the suburbs of Bangalore. Her statements in the media was mentioning that the ones involved in illegal slaughterhouses to have beat her up in the presence of the police and smashed the car. Let’s analyse the aftermath of her statements in the media.

The DCP Mr. Sharanappa says that there are two versions to this case. One is Nadhini’s version. The other is the version of the localities of the place where the incident happened. The localities say that Nandhini was seen taking pics and videos in the dark. And that some boys pelted stones at her car. Soon after getting frightened she starts her car and rams it into an autorickshaw there. And the mob appeared there once the accident happened. This is the other version.

The police has arrested seven members now; mostly the shop owners around there from among the Muslim community, and fourteen oxen are being confiscated by the police even. That’s the swift action shown by the police, even though the case is still under investigation.

Now the question appears: What else does Nandhini want? She claims that the Government is appeasing the minorities. She claims that Karnataka has become mini Pakistan. She feels that the law is being violated by the beef traders by terming them cattle Mafia. Let’s analyse if she is speaking as an Animal right Activist or as one working for some political agenda.

Firstly to say that the Government of Karnataka is appeasing the minorities is baseless. 7 Muslims are arrested and 14 oxen belonging to them are being confiscated. Had it been minority appeasement, why would the Government arrest the members from the minorities?

Her statements saying that Karnataka has become a mini Pakistan shows that she is not targeting the ones breaking the law, but the ones who are at the helm of the Government affairs. It seems like an effort to challenge the ruling Congress Government. She is questioning the system of governance.

Thirdly her demand is not to stop inhumane illegal slaughterhouses; but the complete slaughtering of bovines – oxen, buffaloes etc. Now that’s something that need legal experts to deal with. At a panel discussion on News9, a supreme court lawyer Mr. Dhananjay educated her that there’s no complete ban on slaughtering oxen. And that she is not aware of what the judgements of the court are. She was asked to rethink before she causes unwanted misrepresentation of what’s mentioned in the Indian constitution.

My question to her is: If you are so much concerned with animals being slaughtered, then please go and stop those who are exporting beef in metrictonnes to all the courtries of this world. India being the largest exporters of beef, slaughters millions of oxen and buffaloes every year. Why are you turning a blind eye to that? Why don’t you question the BJP government for that? When 1000 rupee note can be demonetised in one night, why not ban the exports of beef at one go?

Poor people like the ones that Nandhini and her colleagues are after are in fact people from the lower income strata who make their livelihood by selling beef. It’s their bread and butter. It’s truly appalling to see her stop the poor from eating beef, while letting the rich to export beef. Even the ones like Sangeet Som the BJP leader was in the mainstream media for running slaughterhouse for slaughtering bovines. Why aren’t these so called Animal Activists go and stop the rich exporters. Isn’t there a clear inconsistency in their approach to achieve their goals that are claimed?

She had no business at the place where the animals were slaughtered, for she is no authority. She had all rights to pursue through legal procedures. She could lodge complaints with Police, engage with lawyers and government authorities to achieve the legal rights.

The funny part to this is the hashtag HinduWomanLynched is carried by the pro BJP activists on the Twitter. The ex-CM of Karnataka Mr. Yediyurappa has even tweeted calling the Government to be inactive and so on. I feel this is all having a different agenda. It’s surely not Animal rights or saving the bovines. It’s just to make disturbance in the political system in Karnataka before the elections are fast approaching in Karnataka.

I’m not saying that the current government is doing a wonderful job. But the other party is worse than the current one. So we will not let the uncouth and opportunists to harvest through these possibly planted incidents. One of the mediamen said that there will be many such planted news before the fast approaching elections. And one of the leading advocates in Bangalore said that Nandhini seems to have some agenda behind all of this; possibly something connected with the political destabilization.

My conviction is that, truth will prevail, and justice will be done; if not here, in the hereafter for sure.